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Static Of Indian Agriculture Cereals And Pulses Questions And Answers Pdf

static of indian agriculture cereals and pulses questions and answers pdf

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Present study examines the current situation of food insecurity in Banda district of Bundelkhand region on the basis of measures of food quality and food quantity. Coping strategy index CSI and dietary diversity index has been used as qualitative and subjective measures to capture the dimensions of food accessibility and food vulnerability. Dietary pattern has been taken as a quantitative and objective measure to capture the dimension of food availability. The study emphasize on the coping strategies adopted by the households supported by declining dietary status, dietary diversity and meal pattern of the households. Data used for the analysis were obtained from households that were selected from sixteen villages on the basis of multistage stratified random sampling.

The Green Revolution in India was an effort to increase agricultural production with the help of industrial agriculture technologies, such as hybrid seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. It was funded by the U. Hence, B is the correct option. Who among the following used the term 'Evergreen Revolution' for increasing agricultural production in India? Who is the father of Green Revolution in the World? Hence A is the correct option.

Although the actual amount of fines charged was not available; farmers continue to burn residues every season. Crop residue burning in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh has been known, but nowadays it's spreading more frequently in other parts of country. Wheat stubble burning is a relatively new issue which started with mechanised harvesting using combine harvesters. The government officials are not paying attention toward this. Ramnagina Kushwaha, a farmer from Zamania, Ghazipur, recently died in a field after being set ablaze while burning wheat stubble. The state government has not implemented the National Policy for Management of Crop Residues to protect the parali crop residue. The Delhi high court had also ordered against burning residues, while Punjab government imposed a penalty of Rs

Stubble burning: A problem for the environment, agriculture and humans

The lockdown in the wake of COVID has disrupted all economic activities including agriculture throughout the globe. Though the annual growth of Indian agriculture has been 3. To strengthen agricultural economics research for providing economically viable, socially-acceptable and environmentally-feasible policy options for science-led agricultural growth. Pratap Singh Birthal onwards Prof. Ramesh Chand Prof. Dayanath Jha

Crops are chosen in Mixed cropping such a way that no crop competes for resources like sunlight, nutrients, water, root pattern, crop duration. Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. K-mean clustering also caused cropping pattern each class more smoothed. A number of maximum class that chosen in this study was 25 class. Waste land includes rocky, arid and desert areas, and land used for other non-agricultural purposes such as housing, roads and industry. A crop circle, crop formation, or corn circle is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal.

The impact of the Green Revolution on indigenous crops of India

Crops in India – Know About Kharif, Rabi & Zaid Crops in India!

Branch, Lok Sabha Secretariat. Papers Laid on the Table of the House. The average amount of outstanding loan per agricultural households was Rs. Against this background the farmers, Conversely there could be a situation of scarcity following a natural calamity, in which case the crops could be damaged leaving little surplus available for sale in the market. In such situations, the farmers may find it difficult to recover even their agricultural production cost.

Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Agriculture is the backbone of our country. It includes farming of crops, animal husbandry, pisciculture, agro-forestry etc.

The new agricultural technique was introduced as a package programme to include HYV seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. To increase agricultural production and productivity, the Government of India invited a team of experts sponsored by the Ford Foundation. This report suggested the means of improving production and productivity of the country with stress on modern inputs, especially fertilizers, credit, marketing facilities etc. As a result of high-yielding varieties of wheat the production of wheat rose to high level of to kg. These seeds required proper irrigation facilities and extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. This programme was introduced in the form of a package programme since it depended crucially on regular and adequate irrigation, fertilizers, high yielding varieties of seeds, pesticides and insecticides. As a result of new agricultural strategy, food grains output substantially increased from

In India agriculture is not only a source of livelihood but a way of life. If we consider the varieties of crop grown from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there would be hundreds of crops. The Cropping season in India is basically divided into two, based on the monsoon.

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GK Questions and Answers on the Green Revolution

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