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Coherent Expanded Aerogels And Jellies Pdf

coherent expanded aerogels and jellies pdf

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A Short History of The Preparation of Aerogels and Carbogels

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THE continuity of the liquid permeating jellies is demonstrated by diffusion, syneresis, and ultra- filtration, and the fact that the liquid may be replaced by other liquids of very diverse character indicates clearly that the gel structure may be independent of the liquid in which it is bathed. Hitherto the attempt. Charles Learned and I, with the kindly assistance and advice of Prof. McBain, undertook to test the hypothesis that the liquid in a jelly can be replaced by a gas with little or no shrinkage. Our efforts have met with complete success. The procedure that we have adopted is as follows : The jelly is first formed in a suitable liquid in dilute form.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Kistler, S. Nature, , Due to their excellent characteristics, such as extremely low thermal conductivity, low density and high porosity, the silica aerogels become promising potential adsorbents, catalysts, thermal insulation, and acoustic absorption materials for environmental purposes. This paper presents the synthesis of a highly flexible polymer modified silica aerogel with the use of a cellulose-methyltriethoxysilane MTES precursor in a two-step acid-base catalyzed sol-gel process. The physical properties of the resulting aerogels were characterized by thermogravimetry, scanning electron microscopy, nitrogen adsorption-desorption, contact angle, thermal conductivity measurements, compression testing and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. They were hydrophobic in nature and had low thermal conductivity.

Aerogels: a flyweight amongst high-tech materials

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coherent expanded aerogels and jellies pdf

THE continuity of the liquid permeating jellies is demonstrated by diffusion, syneresis, and ultrafiltration, | S. S. Kistler | Nature |.

US2249767A - Method of making aerogels - Google Patents

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Klstler, Worcester, Mass. Louis, Mo. Application July 3, '], Serial No.. One of the objects of this invention is the provision of a method for removing the liquid prescut with the gel under conditions such that and in a manner so that more accurate control of the process may be attained, thus yielding a more uniform product and, at the same time, enabling the utilization of the full capacity of the equipment. A method for making aerogels is disclosed in my copending application, Serial Number ,, filed October 1, , of which this is a continuaticn-in-part, and which is a continuation-inpart of my previous application, Serial Number ,, filed January 14, , in which the liquid in various gels is replaced with a gas without collapsing the gel structure.

Sol-Gel Processing and Applications pp Cite as. Since their invention by Kistler in , the production of aerogels has been marked by at least two major breakthroughs. In the early thirties inorganic salts were used as precursors in the sol-gel base process involving the formation of an aquagel, then an alcogel and finally an inorganic aerogel. Later, in the late sixties organic precursors were developed which allowed a much shorter route to obtain the aerogel by eliminating the aquagelorga alco gel step.

coherent expanded aerogels and jellies

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A high thermal conductivity was obtained for the composite fabricated by the typical liquid epoxy processing because the pores of the aerogels became filled with the epoxy resin during the processing of the composite. A new processing method for preserving the aerogel pores was then developed using ethanol evaporation, which lowered the thermal conductivity of the composite. The lowest thermal conductivity of 0. The preserved aerogel pores in the composite were the most significant physical factor in determining the thermal conductivity of the composite. Interests on insulating materials have increased in recent years since effective insulating materials play a key role in energy savings and efforts to address worldwide problems of global warming, oil price inflation, and carbon dioxide production.

While the stability and performance potential of materials were once equated with high weight and hardness, over the last decades the trend has been going in a very different direction. Modern materials are lightweight and extremely high-performance at the same time. The demand for maximum resilience, flexibility, and cost efficiency has led to the development of materials that combine the advantages of different material types, for example in composite materials made from synthetic or natural fibers and plastics. Material research and development appear to have turned into a perpetuum mobile as they continue to present new material after new material. Nowadays nano-structured aerogels are ready to take their place in the spotlight — and stimulate the polymer development at the same time.

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Coherent Expanded Aerogels and Jellies

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