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Boundary Lines Between India And Other Countries Pdf

boundary lines between india and other countries pdf

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On the borders between friendly nations, especially those in the European Union's Schengen zone, the separations seem almost non-existent, marked by no more than a line or a road sign. There have been big or small skirmishes between different countries on the issue of boundary lines. Where exactly that line goes, of course, is sometimes up for minor debate..

The China-India Border Dispute: What to Know

The Borderline name between two different countries is given here to make your preparation for competitive exams If you don't know the Names of all Important International Boundary Lines then this post is only for you. Famous and Important Boundary lines of various countries are described here — 1 Durand Boundary Line. India- China. Nonmarket government-owned entities and corporations that are owned or controlled by government units belong to the public sector. RRB General knowledge notes.

list of international boundary lines pdf

The same applies to the Post-Soviet states in central Asia where borders have been demarcated unilaterally or artificially without considering preexisting ethnic, religious, linguistic, geographical, or economic conditions. As a result of these artificially created boundaries that engendered many territorial disputes and left large areas porous for a variety of irregular and illegal cross-border activities, the countries of the region have resorted to the construction of different types of barriers along their national borders in an attempt to resolve these problems. To fight cross-border security problems and unauthorized immigration largely resulting from the manner in which nation-state has been built in the region, some Asian governments, especially in South, Central and Southeast Asia, have built barriers along their national border as a simple solution to a complex problem. This is primarily due to the widespread production of drugs in the region. Since many of these borders were not defined by natural landmarks, they are often easy to cross and, since they were artificially put in place and not based on a sense of cultural identity, their legitimacy is often disputed. Hence, due to border disagreements between Asian countries, fencing can also be seen as a unilateral effort to quite literally concretize these borders as de facto demarcation lines. On the other hand, some of the erected fences revive long-standing territorial disputes, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

Where exactly that line goes, of course, is sometimes up for minor debate.. Border markings and border zones in general tend to vary a lot, and I don't think there's any standard. Undisputed international boundaries, like the one between the United States and Canada, are shown as a solid gray line. The actual border is usually just a line in mathematical sense - it doesn't have "width". Borders will often say much about countries' relationships.

We collected some important list for Boundary line between countries in a Radcliffe Line: India and Pakistan (its includes Bangladesh Line).

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How To: Symbolize polygon features so that boundary lines between polygons with like attribute values are dissolved Summary. Thus, our inequality is:. There is a Knowledge Base articleon how to symbolize polygon features so that boundary lines between like polygons are dissolved. The Radcliffe Line was officially announced on August 17, , a few days after the independence of India and Pakistan.

International boundary with China.

GK Notes: Important International Boundary Lines

It runs from the eastern border of Bhutan along the crest of the Himalayas until it reaches the great bend in the Brahmaputra River where that river emerges from its Tibetan course into the Assam Valley. Delegates of the Chinese republican government also attended the Shimla Conference, but they refused to sign the principal agreement on the status and boundaries of Tibet on the ground that Tibet was subordinate to China and had not the power to make treaties. The Chinese have maintained this position to the present day and also have claimed that Chinese territory extends southward to the base of the Himalayan foothills. This frontier controversy with independent India led to the Sino-Indian hostilities of October—November In that conflict the Chinese forces occupied Indian territory south of the McMahon Line but subsequently withdrew after a cease-fire had been achieved. Print Cite verified Cite. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

Take a free mock test for SBI clerk to practice more on this boundary line topic. Boundary lines between India and other countries is also important like List of International Boundary Lines. List of International Boundary Lines of India :. Which of the following does not touch the boundary of Myanmar? The boundary line between India and which country is called the Radcliffe line? India share longest border with Bangladesh a 4,kilometer 2,mile -long international border, the fifth-longest land border in the world, including km in Assam, km in Tripura, km in Mizoram, km in Meghalaya, and 2, km in West Bengal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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List Of Boundary Lines Between Countries For SBI, SSC, UPSC PDF

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    Thousands of Chinese and Indian troops have been in a standoff in the Ladakh region high in the Himalayas since early May.

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    Other Banking & Government Exams boundary lines between nations are common in the general awareness Solution: b) India and China.

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    It is also called as “Medicine Line”. Boundary lines between India and other countries is also important like List of International Boundary Lines.

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    India shares borders with several sovereign countries; it shares land borders with China , Bhutan , Nepal , Afghanistan and Pakistan in the north or north-west, and with Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east.

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