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Nationality And Statelessness Under International Law Pdf

nationality and statelessness under international law pdf

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Nationality and Statelessness in International Law

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Citizenship & Nationality

The right to a nationality is of paramount importance to the realization of other fundamental human rights. Possession of a nationality carries with it the diplomatic protection of the country of nationality and is also often a legal or practical requirement for the exercise of fundamental rights. Dulles , U. In recognition of the importance of having a nationality, a number of regional and international human rights instruments include the right to a nationality. The right to a nationality is often articulated through protection of the rights of children and the principle of non-discrimination.

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Citizenship deprivation and statelessness are very much back in fashion. States increasingly resort to such measures to deal with those returning from foreign wars, or as a sanction for those otherwise deemed undesirable and unwanted — it must certainly seem easier than living up to their obligations actually to combat terrorist activities or war crimes or crimes against humanity see here. Among others, the State must ensure that they do not violate human rights and that they do not harm other States, whether through cross-border pollution, transnational criminal activities, or even by reason of their having to seek asylum from persecution, conflict or the risk of other serious harm.

Nationality and Statelessness in the International Law of Refugee Status

In international law , a stateless person is someone who is "not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law". However, not all refugees are stateless, and many people who are stateless have never crossed an international border. Conflicting nationality laws are one of the causes of statelessness. A person who does not have either parent eligible to pass citizenship by jus sanguinis can be stateless at birth if born in a state which does not recognize jus soli. For instance, a child born outside Canada to two Canadian parents, who were also born outside Canada to Canadian parents, would not be a Canadian citizen, since jus sanguinis is only recognized for the first generation in Canada.

Weissbrodt bio and Kurt A. Calling on authors who possess extensive experience in international law, research, and practice, the book provides insights as to how international law can best address and prevent the problem of statelessness. The first two chapters serve as an important foundation for the rest of the book by effectively introducing the reader to the basic concepts of nationality, state-lessness, and citizenship. In Chapter 1, Alice Edwards discusses the procedural and substantive aspects of nationality. She uses the Nottebohm case brought before the International Court of Justice after World War II to serve as a reminder that nationality is a matter of domestic law, which can have international consequences.

This handbook discusses the rights and obligations of stateless persons as protected under international law, particularly by the Convention relating to the.

This article discusses the issues and challenges faced by stateless people around the world and the role of International Law. This article further discusses the Indian situation relating to statelessness. Generally, the question of nationality is a matter of domestic jurisdiction of a country. A person deprived of his nationality is placed in a vulnerable position. Statelessness is a worldwide problem affecting millions of people.

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