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Hotel Sales And Marketing Strategy Pdf

hotel sales and marketing strategy pdf

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Sales Strategy Hotels

The importance of having the right hotel marketing strategies is difficult to overstate, as it is a key part of launching a hotel, optimising the number of bookings you generate, building brand awareness and managing your reputation. In this article, you will be able to learn more about some of the most important strategies to adopt at all times, as well as some specific strategies to focus on during the COVID global pandemic. Adopting the right hotel marketing strategy in the right situation is crucial, but some strategies are applicable at all times too.

The following are some of the strategies that those concerned with hotel management will need to consider in response to the COVID global pandemic, which has disrupted the entire travel industry. In terms of responding to the threat of coronavirus and the changes in behaviour from customers, arguably the single biggest marketing message that hotels need to get across is that safety and hygiene measures are in place. After all, for guests to stay with you and enjoy their visit, they need to feel that their risk is as low as possible.

Communicate the hygiene and safety measures you are taking on your website homepage, on social media, during the booking process and in your pre-stay communication.

Make sure you update descriptions on third-party platforms and look into ways you can go above and beyond, such as using contactless check-ins and payments. With more people working from home, the widespread cancellation of business events and restrictions on mass gatherings, business travel has been hit especially hard.

If this is a key focus for your hotel, you may need to shift focus. Although leisure travel has been impacted too, it has not been hit to the same level and there are still ways to appeal to leisure travellers, especially if you focus your hotel marketing strategies on families, couples and groups of friends.

You will also need to make sure you use distribution and communication channels that allow you to reach these guests. Highlight activities like tours and visits to local landmarks, and promote facilities that will appeal to leisure guests.

Take a look at how rival hotels that specialise in leisure travel are marketing their properties too. With travel restrictions, some countries requiring people to quarantine upon entry or return, and the overall fear of international travel increasing, some of the most effective hotel marketing strategies during the pandemic are those which focus on attracting local guests from the same country, or from neighbouring countries with similar rules in place.

Focusing on the local market may mean highlighting facilities like your restaurant, gym or meeting rooms and it could also involve promoting one of your hotel rooms as a temporary office, which can be ideal for those working remotely.

Some hotels are also targeting local markets with things like food delivery. A hotel marketing strategy that can be extremely effective here involves turning food delivery into an experience. This means ensuring food is presented well and also including extras with the meal, such as candles, or a QR code with a romantic Spotify playlist.

With people feeling more reluctant to stay in hotels during the pandemic, it is more important than ever to highlight your USPs. People need to be convinced, so focus on what separates your hotel from rival properties, whether that is your design, your location, the quality of your facilities, the reputation of your restaurant, or nearby attractions.

It is important to focus on the idea of value and providing experiences. You do not necessarily need to cut your rates to attract guests, as long as you deliver value for money. This could mean offering extra services, like room service breakfasts, complimentary drinks, massage services, bike rentals and other things your guests will remember. Try to offer a generous and flexible cancellation policy when possible. One of the best hotel marketing strategies involves capitalising on the availability of website data, turning to tools like Google Analytics, and using this information to understand which demographics are most interested in travelling to your hotel, or most willing to do so.

In doing so, your main target demographic may need to change. Use your property management system to explore different groups within your customer base and analyse the data. Which demographics are most likely to travel? Which demographics are least likely to travel? What are the main areas of weakness and what can you do to address the issues? How much growth potential does your hotel have?

Once you have these answers, you can start to think about changing some of your marketing messages. Within the context of COVID, many travellers need to be convinced that their visit will be worthwhile and virtual reality tours for hotels provide the ultimate way to experience a hotel or restaurant during the decision-making phase. This will allow potential leisure, wedding or event customers to get a clear impression of the facilities from afar. Accessibility to virtual reality tours has greatly improved in recent times and most modern VR videos are web-based and can be viewed on any device with a web browser, including computers, mobiles and tablets.

Of course, the experience and overall immersion can be enhanced further through the use of a VR headset. There are a number of hotel marketing strategies that can be implemented at almost any time, regardless of external circumstances. Your website is the most important distribution for your business and the crux of any good online marketing strategy. No matter which hotel marketing tactic has directed a potential customer to your website, this is the place where people can learn more about your individual business and decide whether or not to book a stay with you.

As more internet users rely solely on their smartphones and tablets, a mobile-friendly website is necessity these days. To really contend with the competition, your hotel needs to offer something unique and distinctly different to entice potential guests. Your hotel marketing campaign needs to be equally individual.

Quality customer care needs to be at the core of everything in the hotel and hospitality industry. Going that extra mile for your guests can yield massive returns. One surefire way of securing new customers is to get your hotel listed with local tourist offices. In the modern digital age, no hotel can secure regular business without capitalising on online travel agencies and travel brokers.

Never rely solely on online travel agencies when it comes to your hotel marketing efforts, ensuring such websites are used to generate additional sales, rather replace your direct sales efforts entirely. A GDS system Global Distribution System is a network that enables automated transactions between travel service providers airlines , hotels, cruises and car rental and travel agencies.

When connecting your hotel to a GDS provider your hotel can be booked via hundreds of travel agencies worldwide. You can also use such systems to target specific travellers, including those venturing from home turf on business.

When it comes to hotel marketing strategies, you should always take the best practice in hospitality out into the field when promoting your business. Appointing a dedicated sales representative is definitely worth considering for hotel businesses looking to expand. Any good rep should be taking stock of potential companies in the area worth making a connection with, while ongoing procurement efforts to lock down new partnerships should be at the forefront of any hotel marketing effort.

A great review can earn you a new customer. A poor review can cost you hundreds. Try to encourage better reviews and recommendations from previous guests by engaging them after checking out. Your hotel could feature dozens, if not hundreds of times on review websites, so you need to ensure that each page is loaded with positive reviews and complimentary content. Monitor reviews on the most popular sites, taking note of any bad reviews and engaging dissatisfied guests with helpful and constructive feedback.

Neutralise negative feedback wherever you can. For hotel owners and others operating in the hospitality industry, it is essential to find ways to stand out from rivals and appeal to potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is to deliver tailored, individual marketing messages.

For marketers operating in the hotel industry, there is a wide range of hotel marketing strategies to turn to. Hotel marketing strategies are one of the key ways in which hotels are able to reach out to potential guests and explain why they should visit.

Many of these strategies can be used at all times, but it is also important to respect the disruption that coronavirus has caused and implement some specific COVID-related strategies too.

Marketing plays a crucial role in helping hotels to maximise bookings and revenue. It is the main way in which those in the hotel industry are able to reach out to potential customers, conveying their unique selling proposition and brand values. In the following articles you find more essential hotel marketing strategies to boost your revenue:.

I appreciate the information on this web page. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to market a hotel.

If you are a small business owner, then it is easy to feel like you are lagging behind the competition and need some of the best digital marketing tips. Nice blog! I really like the article and strategies for hotel marketing. The tips are very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

I read your post about hotel marketing. It is very good. You have a lot of great knowledge about this topic. Thank you for sharing these strategies with all of us. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Professionals use our insights, strategies and actionable tips to get inspired, to optimise revenue, innovate processes and improve customer experience.

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Sample Hotel Marketing Plan

Running a hotel requires a huge amount of organization and coordination, regardless of the size of your operation. A Hotel Marketing Plan Template can save you time on your marketing tasks without compromising the quality of your approach. A well-crafted template allows you to spend more time focusing on the internal workings of your hotel. Download Now. A Hotel Sales and Marketing Action Plan allows a hotel to construct and manage a sales and marketing implementation plan. A marketing and sales plan helps hotels to look at how holistically they are approaching their marketing strategy and way that they could diversify their approach.

About 44 percent expressed their intention to invest in social media. Hospitality marketing programs aim to familiarize students with the various stages of marketing campaigns and how those can be tailored to the hospitality industry. The reason why the industry in general is so hard to thrive in is that the people who judge it are generally using some of their free time and disposable income to engage in what they hope will be a pleasurable activity. The key to managing through a crisis is being nimble and prepared. Pages Conducting Marketing Audit: Marketing audit is considered as the foundation in any hotel marketing plan. Maxine has a track record of executing sales and marketing strategies … Our final article is another entry into the list for Hospitality Net.

hotel sales and marketing strategy pdf

Strategic marketing plan for a hotel

Global restrictions on travel are impacting livelihoods across our industry. We sympathize with the difficult decisions you may be facing and hope you, your staff and families remain healthy. What travelers want. Over the last several months we surveyed 34, travelers to learn how they will travel, search, and buy now. Get actionable recommendations to help start attracting travelers in the report.

No matter what the size of your business is, you have to keep in mind that it is essential for you to create sales strategies that can work for your advantage. You have to understand that effective sales strategies can enable you to implement your sales plan in the best way possible. If you want to create your own sales strategies from scratch, we recommend you to further study the subject matter and to use references like the samples and templates that are available for download in the discussion below.

21+ Hotel Marketing Plan Tips and Examples – PDF, Word

You are responsible for determining and implementing a sales and marketing plan that is appropriate for your circumstances and that complies with all applicable laws. Sample Mission Statement Example: Our mission is generate high revenues through providing a superior experience to all guests staying, dining or attending an event at our hotel through outstanding customer service, and a well-kept and immaculate hotel, restaurant and event space. In addition to pleasing our guests, we will ensure that all employees are doing something they enjoy in a place that they enjoy. Instructions: A Property Overview is a very basic overview of your hotel; it is not segment specific but is generic enough to give anyone a brief overview of your hotel and offerings. All of our guest rooms and suites come with complimentary high speed Internet access, in-room coffee maker, refrigerator, work desk and a large variety of satellite television stations. We are also proud to offer 9, square feet of meeting space that is perfect for a variety of social and corporate events.

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The beds are neatly made, the towels hung, and chocolates are on the pillows. The guests! Learn the top five basic elements that a hotel marketing plan should include to successfully drive direct bookings at your property.

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