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Difference Between Speech And Writing Pdf

difference between speech and writing pdf

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Two theories of the relationship between speech and writing are examined. One theory holds that writing is restricted to a one-way relationship with speech—a unidirectional influence from speech to writing. In this theory, writing is derived from speech and is simply a representation of speech.

difference between speech and writing pdf

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Speech Writing Usually Speaker and listener may know one Reader and writer may not know one another already another Speaker and listener may interact and No immediate interaction or exchange of change roles roles between reader and writer. Immediate feedback verbal or non- No immediate feedback possible verbal expected and given What is spoken is temporary and What is written is permanent and transient retrievable. Utterances may contain strings of More subordination and complex clauses with little subordination sentence structure. Grammatically incomplete or inaccurate High degree of accuracy expected utterances accepted Contains hesitations, paused, fillers, repetition. Boundaries of utterances marked by Grammatical boundaries of sentences intonation, pauses marked by punctuation, layout. Prosodic features —volume, pace, stress, Capitalisation, font variation, underlining rhythm- communicate meaning as well etc used to stressitems.

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Reading an essay to an audience can bore them to tears. Unfortunately, what he delivered was not a speech but an essay. This renowned academic had mastered the written form but mistakenly presumed that the same style could be used at a podium in the context of an hour-long public address. He treated the audience to exceptional content that was almost impossible to follow — monotone, flat, read from a script, and delivered from behind a tall podium. And for those new to public speaking, the tendency to mimic the forms of writing we already know can be crippling. Speeches require you to simplify. The average adult reads words per minute , but people can only follow speech closely at around words per minute.

difference between speech and writing pdf

A Speech Is Not an Essay

However some forms of writing are closer to speech than others, and vice versa. The literate writes and the nonliterate chants: Written language and ritual communication in sociolinguistic perspective. Download PDF.

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When we talk about 'language', sometimes we mean speech spoken language , sometimes writing written language.

Differences between Speech and Writing

Written and spoken language differ in many ways. However some forms of writing are closer to speech than others, and vice versa. Below are some of the ways in which these two forms of language differ:.

The purpose of all language is to communicate - that is, to move thoughts or information from one person to another person. There are always at least two people in any communication. To communicate, one person must put something "out" and another person must take something "in". So language consists of four "skills": two for output speaking and writing ; and two for input listening and reading. We can say this another way - two of the skills are for "spoken" communication and two of the skills are for "written" communication:. What are the differences between Spoken and Written English?

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