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Without further thought, the sentence looks very simple and has the same structure as I am hungry. The sentence I am hungry simply means that I need or want food. On further analysis, the sentence I am free arouses a lot of interest and people are likely to ask a lot of questions e. Free from what? Kneller says freedom itself is neither a goal nor an ideal.

Freedom of education is the right for parents to have their children educated in accordance with their religious and other views, allowing groups to be able to educate children without being impeded by the nation state. Freedom of education is a constitutional legal concept that has been included in the European Convention on Human Rights, Protocol 1, Article 2, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Article 13 and several national constitutions, e. The European forum for freedom in education was formed in and has 69 members across 13 countries. It also establishes the importance of diversity in education, to allow parents the choice of sending their child to a school that aligns with their views. In the Netherlands, a political battle raged throughout the nineteenth century over the issue of the state monopoly on tuition-free education. The Dutch solution was the separation of school and state by funding all schools equally, both public and private [4] from The freedom of education resulted in the establishment of many new school types in the total spectrum of education in the Netherlands.

Freedom or Authority in Education by BERTRAND RUSSELL

All for Love dramatizes the clash between the forces of authority in the world and the desire for personal freedom. The former is represented by Rome under the new emperor Octavius , with its strict laws, military power, and strong central government. The latter is represented by Egypt under Antony and Cleopatra , a kingdom outside the sway of the Roman Empire yet that values pleasure and personal choice. The clash between Octavius and Antony is particularly resonant for Dryden, who was writing in the aftermath of significant political upheaval. In the mids, a group of English Parliamentarians rebelled against King Charles I and executed him, setting up a republic to rule the kingdom. Dryden wrote All for Love after the English monarchy had been restored to the throne, but he was still very concerned with the proper relationship between authority and freedom in his own political context. Throughout the play, Dryden argues that authority and freedom should be mixed, though he particularly extols the value of authority in the form of a strong government.

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Some freedoms cannot be tolerated. I met a lady once who maintained that no child should ever be forbidden to do anything, because a child ought to develop its nature from within. And yet every child, left to itself, will sooner or later swallow pins, drink poison out of medicine-bottles, fall out of an upper window, or otherwise bring itself to a bad end. Therefore, one who advocates freedom in education cannot mean that children should do exactly as they please all day long. An element of discipline and authority must exist; the question is as to the amount of it, and the way in which it is to be exercised. Education may be viewed from many points of view: that of the state, of the church, of the schoolmaster, of the parent, or even though this is usually forgotten of the child itself. Each of these points of view is partial, each contributes something to the ideal of education, but also contributes elements that are bad.

KAMINSKY is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Social and Cultural Studies in. Education, University of New England. Page 2. Kaminsky. Schools were.

Freedom of education

The article has several purposes. First, it is an example of the contribution that philosophy can make to the formulation of educational policy. Second, it compares and contrasts two institutional styles for the purpose of elucidating the kind of bureaucratic organization commended by the memorandum. Third, the article attempts to demonstrate that contractual consent theory, in and of itself, does not dissolve many of the most serious problems that revolve around ideas of freedom and authority. Report bugs here.

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PhD thesis, University of Leeds. The current study attempts to analyse the learners' right to freedom in education in order to determine the nature and content of their education. This analysis will be in relation to the philosophy of education in Egypt to improve the efficiency of the educational system. In this sense the aims of the study can be determined as follows: first to propose a theoretical framework of freedom in education in relation to its meaning, conditions, restrictions and value, secondly, to develop this theoretical framework of education based on freedom so that it suits Egyptian society, can improve the efficiency of the educational system through the idea of freedom, and thirdly, to identify the difficulties and challenges that might confront the claim to freedom in education in Egypt. To achieve these aims the study contains seven chapters, an introduction, a conclusion and appendix that are necessary to achieve its aims and answer its questions.

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Freedom and Authority in Religions and Religious Education

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