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Risk Diversification And Risk Pooling In Supply Chain Design Pdf

risk diversification and risk pooling in supply chain design pdf

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A Framework for Risk Pooling in Business Logistics

In recent decades the world has become much, much smaller than it used to be. The internet and significant improvements to transportation infrastructures has turned the world into one globalized market. This global market offers businesses opportunities to reach new customers and secure a diverse selection of new workers, materials, and products. Though the opportunities associated with globalization are numerous, the risks it poses to your supply chain may be bigger than you expect. In regards to supply chain management, globalization refers to the process in which a business operates on an international scale. Globalization offers companies the opportunity to reach new customers in new markets, which dramatically upsets how manufacturers need to operate to be successful. Exposure to new markets means exposure to greater competition and greater risk — but also greater reward.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. For as long as there have been supply chains, there have been disruptions, and no supply chain, logistics system, or infrastructure network is immune to them. Nevertheless, supply chain disruptions have only recently begun to receive significant attention from practitioners and researchers. Although lean supply chains are efficient when the environment behaves as predicted, they are extremely fragile, and disruptions can leave them virtually paralyzed. Evidently, there is some value to having slack in a system. A third reason for the growing attention paid to disruptions is that firms are much less vertically integrated than they were in the past, and their supply chains are increasingly global.

We study the effects of disruption risk in a supply chain where one retailer deals with competing risky suppliers who may default during their production lead times. The suppliers, who compete for business with the retailer by setting wholesale prices, are leaders in a Stackelberg game with the retailer. The retailer, facing uncertain future demand, chooses order quantities while weighing the benefits of procuring from the cheapest supplier against the advantages of order diversification. For the model with two suppliers, we show that low supplier default correlations dampen competition among the suppliers, increasing the equilibrium wholesale prices. Therefore the retailer prefers suppliers with highly correlated default events, despite the loss of diversification benefits. In contrast, the suppliers and the channel prefer defaults that are negatively correlated. However, as the number of suppliers increases, our model predicts that the retailer may be able to take advantage of both competition and diversification.

An agile and diversified supply chain: reducing operational risks

A risk pool is one of the forms of risk management mostly practiced by insurance companies. Under this system, insurance companies come together to form a pool, which can provide protection to insurance companies against catastrophic risks such as floods or earthquakes. The term is also used to describe the pooling of similar risks that underlies the concept of insurance. It is basically like more than one insurance companies coming together to form one. While risk pooling is necessary for insurance to work, not all risks can be effectively pooled in a voluntary insurance bracket, unless there is a subsidy available to encourage participation. Risk pooling is an important concept in supply chain management. This reduction in variability allows a decrease in safety stock and therefore reduces average Inventory.

risk diversification and risk pooling in supply chain design pdf

Request PDF | Risk diversification and risk pooling in supply chain design | Recent research has pointed out that the optimal strategies to mitigate supply.

How Globalization Impacts Supply Chain Management

Nearly every eighth German hospital faces an elevated risk of bankruptcy. An inappropriate use of inventory management practices is among the causes. Hospitals suffer from demand and lead time uncertainty, and the current COVID pandemic worsened the plight. The popular business logistics concept of risk pooling has been shown to reduce these uncertainties in industry and trade, but has been neglected as a variability reduction method in healthcare operations research and practice.

C hina and the rest of the world continue to be affected by the outbreak of COVID novel coronavirus , with many more being nursed back to health by dedicated healthcare professionals who work tirelessly around the clock. Millions are displaced regionally and globally due to cautionary guidelines and travel restrictions. Global routes of all forms of transportation are temporarily disrupted for both businesses and everyday commuters.

Recent trends of outsourcing in global competition make the firms vulnerable to operational risks. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how firms implement supply chain strategies to reduce operational risks, especially risk exposure involving catastrophic events. Drawn on risk management and supply chain research, the concepts of operational risk and the underlying demand and supply uncertainties are delineated. Then, based on literature review and numerical demonstrations, the authors evaluate the effectiveness of supply chain strategies in reducing operational risks.

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Diversification Under Supply Uncertainty

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