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29 States Of India And Their Dresses Names Pdf

29 states of india and their dresses names pdf

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India has 28 states and 8 union territories, each having a different culture and civilization. Each state has its own traditional clothes and fashion culture. Here we are presenting a collection of dress codes of 28 Indian states. Andhra Pradesh is a southern state in India.

10 different states of India and their traditional wear for your ethnic look!

India is a land of multitude culture and tradition and within the radius of km the culture, food, and of course fashion. It is amazing to see, that within the country there is a diversification of fashion and clothing which could be due to the weather condition and culture of the society. We are blessed to be a country with such assortment of sartorial choices. So, for all the fashion faithful folks, we are featuring the different types of dresses in India in different states, which would enlighten you and might make you own one of the traditional dresses. We even show you the Indian traditional dresses of different states images, that would give you a clear idea about the traditional outfits of each state. Assam is also known as Rongali Bihu and is a country within the state. Assam is a merrymaking state and full of live place.

Clothing in India is dependent upon the different ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India. Historically, male and female clothing has evolved from simple garments like kaupina , langota , salwaar kameez , lungi , sari , gamcha , and loincloths to cover the body into elaborate costumes not only used in daily wear, but also on festive occasions, as well as rituals and dance performances. In urban areas, western clothing is common and uniformly worn by people of all social levels. India also has a great diversity [1] in terms of weaves, fibers, colours, and material of clothing. Sometimes, color codes are followed in clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. The clothing in India also encompasses the wide variety of Indian embroidery , prints, handwork, embellishment, styles of wearing clothes.

Questions based on various states of India forms a large part of the General Awareness section of government and bank exams. If you aim to appear for state govt. This particular article will help you learn all facts about Indian States in one glance. With increasing emphasis of banking and government exams on general awareness, the scope for scoring only increases for you provided you know how to study smartly. To help you study smartly, we are providing you valuable facts about Indian States in a well-laid out form. Stay prepared by updating your general knowledge with this course!

Indian States Food, Clothes, Dance and Languages

India is an diverse country with so many states and all of them have different cultures. Habits like food clothing language everything changes with the borders. There can be so many colors seen in our country when it comes to culture. Dhoti kurta is the traditional Indian clothing of men. Unlike other dresses, it is an un-stitched piece of cloth. Bihari culture. Culture of Chhattisgarh.

Considering the cultural diversity from state to state in India, the country has a range of different languages, cuisines and fashion. Ethnic clothing in India not only vary by state but also according to the different religions, tribes and communities within the state. Heres a rundown of the various clothing and fashion styles found in some Indian states. Being a state that is so varied in communities and religion, Jammu and Kashmir is home to a variety of different fashion. While the Hindu version has narrow sleeves, the Muslim version is characterized by its broad knee length sleeves. Hindu women pair these with a headdress called Taranga while Muslim women either wear Abaya or a headdress exclusive to the state that is tied around the head and pinned. The men wear Pherans meant for them with Turbans.

29 states of india and their dresses names pdf

29 states of India and their dresses which are simply stunning. By. Innfinity · 29 states of india and their dresses names. Share.

10 different states of India and their traditional wear for your ethnic look!

29 Indian States And Their Dress Codes!

The common men's dress in this region consists of Dothi, Shirt or Jubha Kurta. The Dothi is about 2 meter long which is worn around the waist like Lungi. Working classmen generally wear short dhothi and folded about the knee. In costal region men use a scarf and in rural areas people use a hand woven towel over the shoulder when they dont wear any upper garment.

The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar consists of number of islands at the southeastern edge of the Bay of Bengal. However only few of the islands in Andaman and Nicobar are inhabited by human population. Read More The people of Chandigarh are mostly Punjabi's and they trace an Indo-Aryan ethnic origin. The people living in Chandigarh belong to different races and classes. The people of Delhi are generally referred as "Delhi-ites" and they take the pride of falling in the fifth most populated urban area in the world having Delhi as the national capital of the country.

India is a state of diverse cultures, religions, traditions and beliefs. The country is home to millions of people who exhibit diversity in their thoughts, lifestyles, worship and work but are united in one spirit in the love for their country. A journey through India is a revelation for many and this is one of the main reasons why many foreigners flock to India to explore its myriad colours. Here you will see the Indian State wise traditional dresses, food, dance, culture and languages. The distinctively distinguishable customs and traditions of India give it a unique hue. From the Himalayas in the North, to the waves of the Indian Ocean in the South, India has a million different colours.

Andhra Pradesh much like other south Indian states has a conventional wear that can be viewed as a staple for the district, however with varieties. Andhra ladies wear unique handloom sarees, for the most part silk that loans a rich surface and shading to them. With its popular weaving and kicking the bucket business, Andhra Pradesh produces an assortment of textures that has a rich inheritance to sew.

India is a diverse country with 7 Union Territories and 29 different states each having their own set of cultures and traditions, clothing, language and many minute details. Here we are going to analyze the dress code of these 29 Indian States. Read on to know more:. Assam has a rich culture and custom. Its dresses incorporate Golden Silk Fiber or Muga.


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