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The Problem of Food Waste

This critical shift in the selling mindset, and in the sales role itself, is the key to boosting your overall sales effectiveness. I really appreciate the introduction and the opportunity to be here, thanks to the whole team at Freshsales, including Zach in San Francisco. I like that the Freshsales blog gives us an opportunity to do that. As a buyer, do you expect more than you used to from the businesses that you do business with? Next question, still thinking like a buyer, as a buyer, do you dodge sellers who call you on the phone or in businesses where they approach you?

Are you first gathering information and educating yourself about major purchases or maybe even minor ones like which restaurant to go to before you ever take a conversation with the seller or a business, and as a buyer looking back ten years or so, are you less loyal today to brands and companies than you used to be?

Better quality or simply newer and more interesting. Does it seem like decisions are delayed and that sales stall out because buyers are so unresponsive? Sellers are struggling and many very good sellers are missing quota, feeling frustrated with buyers and confused about what to do differently, some are even leaving the profession, we actually open up the book with a story from a seller who experienced this and felt all those ways and she did, in fact, leave the sales profession.

One kind of an experience that causes them proactively to come to us to choose us as the sellers they want to do business with and to stay loyal to us because of this experience we give them. This was our original research through Santa Clara University with verified buyers in a Qualtrics panel study.

The buyers in our study, they were a cross-section of people who participate in purchasing decisions and all types of business settings, they came from midsize and large organizations based in the U. They were a mix of age groups, some were solo decision-makers with ultimate authority, others were parts of buying teams for some sales were routine and repetitive with the vendors that they worked with and for others purchases were extremely complex, but in this study, the one thing we wanted to know was how buyers felt about leadership behaviors being demonstrated by their sellers.

And we asked them, how often would you like for sellers to demonstrate those behaviors, what would be ideal? Then we asked, would these behaviors cause you to be more likely to meet with the seller? They wanted to see a higher frequency of all these behaviors from the sellers they work with, and buyers are significantly more likely to meet with and significantly more likely to buy from sellers who exhibit these behaviors more frequently.

In short we now know exactly what buyers want sellers to do, these thirty specific behaviors are what buyers want sellers to do. Buyers want sellers to behave the way that leaders do, buyers told us in fact that if a seller more frequently demonstrated leadership behaviors then they will respond by accepting meetings and buying from those sellers who are more frequently exhibiting these behaviors, and not only that the comments we got from buyers also indicated that these behaviors were linked to positive seller differentiation and to buyer perceptions of value creation, and yes those comments they were packed with words like trust and relationship and experience and all sorts of glowing adjectives that certainly sounded like leadership behaviors led to awesome connecting experiences.

We wanted to know what was happening and what sellers were doing when they were at their own personal best, and as we read and heard their stories, we saw sellers demonstrating these behaviors, the very same behaviors of leaders when they were at their personal best, something interesting, sellers did not attribute their success to those leadership behaviors in a lot of cases the behaviors were just an aside, an add-on into their story.

So in model the way one item that you might choose to take action on, this is from our chapter on clarifying values, one thing that you might do is just start out by identifying those values that for you are the ones that are non-negotiable, the ones that become your internal compass and when you have those you know when to say yes and when to say no and it can guide the decisions and the choices that you make in a way that keeps you credible with buyers and helps you to be more effective as a seller.

The third of the practices of exemplary leadership is to challenge the process, see challenging the process is where we experiment and take risks and we look outside of our usual places for new ideas so that we can bring innovations and ideas to the table.

Buyers want sellers to do all of this and they also want sellers to help them engage in these activities too, one of the stories contributed by a seller gave us a great example of doing both like all of the stories that we gathered, this one from Ted Hyman really embodied the ideals of one of these leadership practices, challenge the process in this case.

Perhaps you already conduct a POCs or pilot projects or idea generation with your buyers, but do you continuously experiment or do you offer the same presentation or demonstration over and over again? So think of the ways that you could modify your sales approach to involve buyers more in the decisions being made, look for ways you can get them engaged as active participants in creating what they want, last but certainly not least our fifth and final practice of exemplary leadership is to encourage the heart.

In sales the simple thank-you at the contract signing or the handshake when the sale is closed is no longer sufficient, buyers are wanting to see more frequency of other types of encouragement at other steps in the process, I consider the straightforward way that this Speier said it. They overcome the objections and they respond to the concerns of their colleagues, they put their own necks out on the chopping block because of the faith they have in you and your solution and all of that deserves a little recognition, throughout those internal struggles some well-placed encouragement can help your buyer tap into reserves of strength and keep going all the way to the finish line.

Tejas: Thank you so much, Deb, I hope that answers the question, so for those of you who are listening in, it would be great if you could use your GoToWebinar panel and actually type in the questions that you have for Deb.

Tejas: So I hope that answered your question Cindy, so Rupam from India has a question, so he is looking for an answer to can you tell us about maybe an anecdote where a seller has actually followed a promise that you know he or she has made to a buyer?

Deb: So an anecdote where a seller has not kept their promise or has kept their promise…. Tejas: Thank you so much Doug and we look forward to seeing you in our next couple of webinars as well, all right, moving on to the last couple of questions.

So how do you do that? So how is this behavior changed over time? So thank you so much Deb once again and for those of you who have questions about fresh sales, please feel free to reach out to us at support freshsales. Deb: No, Tejas.

Tejas: Wonderful and then we look forward to working with you again and thank you, have a great day, have a good night. Freshsales is a sales CRM built to help you stop juggling multiple tools. Authors Tejas Kinger 34 min Read. Tejas: Great. Deb: So an anecdote where a seller has not kept their promise or has kept their promise… Tejas: Has not kept that promise.

Tejas: No, he is the same Sergio. Deb: Absolutely. Related Posts 7 key moments that unlock your sales success — Webinar. Subscribe for blog updates. I agree to receive electronic marketing communications from Freshworks CRM and understand I can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email or by contacting Freshworks CRM. Thank you for subscribing!

Strategies for an inspired workforce: 8 things to stop

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After Wall Street firms repeatedly had to shell out millions to settle discrimination lawsuits, businesses started to get serious about their efforts to increase diversity. And the usual tools—diversity training, hiring tests, performance ratings, grievance systems—tend to make things worse, not better. But as lab studies show, this kind of force-feeding can activate bias and encourage rebellion. However, in their analysis the authors uncovered numerous diversity tactics that do move the needle, such as recruiting initiatives, mentoring programs, and diversity task forces. They engage managers in solving the problem, increase contact with women and minority workers, and promote social accountability. Some of these efforts make matters worse, not better. People rebel against rules that threaten their autonomy.

stop selling and start leading pdf

10 STOP SELLING & START LEADING. REDEFINING THE B2B BUYER. EXPERIENCE. The pervasive, negative stereotypes about sellers affect how people ini-.

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But what if I told you that in order to start closing sales, you should stop selling your prospects? Once we know whether a prospect is a fit, then we can start to create real value in that conversation. Check it out:.


This critical shift in the selling mindset, and in the sales role itself, is the key to boosting your overall sales effectiveness. I really appreciate the introduction and the opportunity to be here, thanks to the whole team at Freshsales, including Zach in San Francisco. I like that the Freshsales blog gives us an opportunity to do that. As a buyer, do you expect more than you used to from the businesses that you do business with? Next question, still thinking like a buyer, as a buyer, do you dodge sellers who call you on the phone or in businesses where they approach you?

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Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen

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