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Political Corruption And Its Effects In The Nigeria Government And Politics Pdf

political corruption and its effects in the nigeria government and politics pdf

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Corruption is the single greatest obstacle preventing Nigeria from achieving its enormous potential. This paper proposes a new, context-specific framework for understanding a problem that will remain a focus of international and domestic Nigerian policy discussions for decades to come. Carnegie gratefully acknowledges support from the UK Department for International Development that helped make the writing of this paper possible.


The major purpose of this study was to examine the political corruption and its effect in the Nigerian government and politics. The study looked into political levies of Anambra state citizens being the case study of the work. For comprehensive understanding of the place and its impact of this study. The work has been divided into five chapters. In chapter one, comprises of statement of problems, significance of the study, purpose and research of the study and others.

In the same chapter two we have another concept which is madness of second tenure system in Nigeria government as a major causes. In chapter five we have the recommendations and suggestions based on the findings from the research work from political lives of Nigerian citizens.

Nigeria and political corruption — political corruption is not a recent phenomenon that pervades the Nigerian state. Characteristically, apologist for the failings of African governments have blamed colonist for the pervasive corruption. The trapping of flash cars, houses and success of the colonialists many influence the poor to see the colonialist as symbols of success and to emulate the colonists in different politicla ways.

A view common held during the colonial days was that the colonists property cars, houses, farms etc is not our property. This view is what has degenerated into them or sent disregard for public property and lack of public trust and concern for public goods as collective national property. According to Sen p. Therefore electoral corruption includes the purchase of vote with money, promises of offices or special favours, coercion, intimidation and interference with freedom of election Nigeria is a good example where this practice is common, botes are bought, people are killed or maimed in the name of election, losers end up as the winners where voters turns up in areas where vogues were not cast.

Generally, the implication of political corruption appears in different forms such as electoral corruptions, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, nepotism godfatherism, favouritism, madness of second tenure system and others. The implication of political corruption as an impediment to the economical, social cultural and political stability is not a recent phenomenon that pervades the Nigerian state.

There have been cases of official misuse of resources for personal enrichment. What is known as Anambra state today was created as far back as under the leadership of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Anambra today is one of the largest and dominating southeast state and comprises of 21 twenty one local governments. Chris Nwabueze Ngige was sponsored and financed to rig the election in Anambra which the whole world witnessed their high level of electoral rigging, political irregularities political quagmires, political traumas and political upheavals as a result of godfatherrism, favoritism second tenure madness, nepotisms and other.

By virtue of this unattainable agreement between Dr. Christ Nwabueze Ngige and his godfather Christ Uba, the two political gladiators degenerated a series of political traumas, electoral irregularities riggings, thurgry, kidnapping, killing, vandalization, false impeachment and all that.

However, they have to educate and internalize the masses to a lager extent using electronic voting system as to ensure transparency, justice, equity, good concense and free and fair elections. A question just came to my mind now, saying how can massive thurgry, been reduced in Anambra state election? The answer says that there should be an adequate provision of job opportunity as to engage the youths in one job or the other so that it will limit their state of poverty as an off-shoot of thurgry.

Based on these, the researcher has to vividly analyze those things that contributes to political corruption and its effect in Anambra state. The purpose of this study is to examine and provide the following in depth through analysis of political stability in Nigerian government and polities. More so, the study has the following aim to explain why Anambra state elections had never once been conducted free and fair.

He sees chetelism as patron diet ties clietlism he further argues is the very channel throng which one joins the dominant class and a practise which is then seen as fundamental to the continued enjoyment of the prequisties of that class.

He define prehendalism as the procurement of office of state either through examinations or as a reward for loyal service to a lord or a rule A critical assignment of post independent Africa states reveals that to be ruler whether at the federal. State or local level is to be in charge of the treasury and use the wealth that properly belongs to the people to legitimately enrich party faithful investors in elections friends clients and proves godfather allies to sustain a corruption life style.

From the above prehensalism provide a framework through which Africa and Nigeria affairs as it relates to corruption and development can be studied higher equity, transparency, free and fair elections? This study will be significant in the need to improve political stability in Nigeria with particular emphasis to Anambra state is imperative in the following. In this report, the researcher will also be significant in eradicating of political arsons, kidnapping and other political upheavals and how Anambra and its neighbouring states can benefit or gain from the refined effective and efficient political administration both economically, politically, socially and cultural harmony and stability.

In studying the political corruption in Nigeria government and politics, it becomes imperative to confine this to a democratic dispensation in actualizing transparency, equity, justice, good conscience and free and fair election to an extent within the constraint of time and of the study. In this work, the researcher was faced or confronted with some major problems which tampered for hindered the progress of this work. Prominent among these was the issue of distribution of the questionnaires.

The researcher used to go from local government to local government and from staff to staff, among the twenty one 21 local government in Anambra state. The researcher spend more time going from one staff to the other in various offices in the state, that is time that they are suppose to use for another thing.

Also money for transportation to meet them i. Therefore corrupt behaviour involves violation of established rules for personal gain and profit Sen P. Corruption is also an effort to secure wealth or power through illegal means for private gain at public expense or misuse of public power for private benefit. Bafart et al , P. However, this is seen as a natural human productivity to favour friends, fairly and anybody close and trusted.

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Corruption and Economic Growth in Nigeria: 1986 -2007

About the Author s. The Author s. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. For so long, development theories and practices have either deliberately neglected or simply overlooked the possible interconnections between religion, culture and the attainment of development goals. Against this background, this article reviews the literature on corruption, as a major factor of underdevelopment in Nigeria, particularly as it relates to religion and culture in the country. The study adopts an interpretative and descriptive methodology for its analysis.

Abstract The World Bank asserts that corruption is the single greatest impediment to economic growth in third world countries. This study was set out to investigate the impact of corruption on economic growth in Nigeria from to A Barro-type endogenous growth model was adopted and reconditioned to suit the purpose of the paper. The Engle-Granger cointegration and error correction mechanism ECM techniques were employed to unit root properties of the variables, their long run relationship and to determine values of long run parameters. The results show that corruption exerts significant direct effect on economic growth and indirectly via some critical variables examined by the paper which include Government Capital Expenditure, Human Capital Development and Total employment. It is, therefore, recommended that the government should consolidate on its efforts to fight corruption to a standstill in the country.

political corruption and its effects in the nigeria government and politics pdf

Keywords Nigeria, corruption, political leadership, economic development /​External%20Debt%20Stock%20as%20at%th%20September_%pdf Civil associations in Nigeria: Politics of transition and governance –

A New Taxonomy for Corruption in Nigeria

The corruption race in Africa: Nigeria versus South Africa, who cleans the mess first? The aim and objective of this article is to unpack in a comparative format the fiend of corruption in Africa, using Nigeria and South Africa as the giant in corruption alongside Somalia, South Sudan and Madagascar in the continent of Africa. In Africa, corruption is clearly visible culminating in several high-profile scandals standing out.

Africa's Public Service Delivery & Performance Review

Corruption and Development in Africa

Erwann Sabai and Dr. Chirok Han from University of Auckland for their valuable comments and to the following people: Dr. Shahid M.

Corruption is the single greatest obstacle preventing Nigeria from achieving its enormous potential. This paper proposes a new, context-specific framework for understanding a problem that will remain a focus of international and domestic Nigerian policy discussions for decades to come. Carnegie gratefully acknowledges support from the UK Department for International Development that helped make the writing of this paper possible. Corruption in Nigeria appears to be ubiquitous and takes many forms: from massive contract fraud to petty bribery; from straight-up embezzlement to complicated money laundering schemes; from pocketing the salaries of nonexistent workers to steering plum jobs to relatives and friends. Some officials enjoy perquisites so excessive that they are widely seen as a form of legalized corruption. Yet popular—and even official and academic—narratives about corruption in Nigeria lack a common framework for understanding a topic so expansive and variegated.

It discusses the effects of political corruption on the character of the state in How, despite its huge human and material resources, did Nigeria find itself in its such as democracy, good governance and development, which are hampered in. Nigeria by In Nigeria, as in most African countries, colonialism, the politics of​.

Corruption is a constant in the society and occurs in all civilizations; however, it has only been in the past 20 years that this phenomenon has begun being seriously explored. It has many different shapes as well as many various effects, both on the economy and the society at large. Among the most common causes of corruption are the political and economic environment, professional ethics and morality and, of course, habits, customs, tradition and demography.

Nevertheless, the country faces immense challenges. Today, about 87 million people in Nigeria live on less than 1. The unemployment rate has risen annually since the onset of the economic crisis, reaching a provisional high of However, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.

Democracy was dealt a major blow in The global average score fell to its lowest level since the index began in The EIU Democracy Index provides a snapshot of the state of world democracy for independent states and two territories. The Democracy Index is based on five categories: electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, the functioning of government, political participation, and political culture. Based on their scores on 60 indicators within these categories, each country is then itself classified as one of four types of regime: full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regime or authoritarian regime.

Corruption and Economic Growth in Nigeria: 1986 -2007

Democratic governance and the frightening impact of corruption in contemporary Nigerian society Christian Chima Chukwu , Joseph Nkom Ngban Abstract This paper focuses on democratic governance and the frightening impact of corruption in contemporary Nigerian society in the attempt to restore good governance and also improve the socio-economic development of the citizenry after about fifty eight years of independence. Related literatures to the variables were reviewed including the adoption of the descriptive and content analytical method in the analysis of the secondary data in order to achieve the objectives of the study. The social learning theory was employed as theoretical framework to guide the study.

Political corruption is a persistent phenomenon in Nigeria. Nigerian politicians find themselves in a strong position of power and wealth due to their connections with the oil and gas industries in Nigeria. Oil and gas revenues therefore account for the vast majority of the federal budget and the salaries of government officials. Vote rigging by both main political parties, the People's Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress in elections is widespread and corruption is endemic within government.

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A New Taxonomy for Corruption in Nigeria

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