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The Constitution Application To Jammu And Kashmir Order 2019 Pdf

the constitution application to jammu and kashmir order 2019 pdf

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Published: 30.12.2020

Article of the Indian constitution gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir , a region located in the northern part of Indian subcontinent which was administered by India as a state from to 31 October , conferring it with the power to have a separate constitution, a state flag and autonomy over the internal administration of the state. The state assembly could also abrogate the Article altogether, in which case all of Indian Constitution would have applied to the state. After the state constituent assembly was convened, it recommended the provisions of the Indian constitution that should apply to the state, based on which Presidential Order was issued.

Index:The Constitution of India (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 2019.pdf

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Special status of J&K revoked: Full text of the notification on Kashmir

Click here for Paper I G. For queries, reach us on prestorming shankarias. What is the issue? What is the executive order for? Why is it being challenged?

Under this bill Jammu and Kashmir will cease to be a state. Instead, the state will be converted to two union territories, that of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. Article was the constitutional provision through which the special status that Kashmir has historically held under the Indian Constitution was guaranteed. Two months after independence, on 20 October , Kashmir was attacked by a large number of armed tribesmen, forcing Hari Singh, the ruler of Kashmir to write to Governor General, Lord Mountbatten, asking India to provide military aid. Attached to this letter asking for aid was the instrument of accession to India, which was signed by Singh. Mountbatten signed the instrument on 27 October

The move has been subject to much academic debate and discourse along the doctrinaire lines and limits of traditional constitutional law. This post however, argues that the on-going constitutional controversy should not be looked at merely from the perspective of traditional constitutional law. Such constitutional doctrines often fail to address the complexities related to constitutional exceptionalism. Unlike most views on the issue, this post does not seek to judge the constitutionality, the unconstitutionality or even the extra-constitutionality of the Presidential Notification — G. Instead, the post argues that the Declaration has been passed in a state of exception and the consequent legal vacuum necessitates an analysis in light of both political facts and public law.

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Article 370 of the Constitution of India

Constitutional Exceptionalism in Kashmir

The order supersedes the Constitution Application to Jammu and Kashmir Order, and states that all the provisions of the Constitution of India shall apply to the State of

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Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Bill-2019

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