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Difference Between Public Relations And Propaganda Pdf

difference between public relations and propaganda pdf

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That an industry all about building and manipulating of image suffers from an image problem itself.

The Public Relations and Propaganda Controversy

Advertising is a relatively straightforward process, right? Companies develop brands and specific products they want to sell. The basic definition of advertising is a message or group of messages designed with three intentions: to raise awareness in the population about brands, products and services; to encourage consumers to make purchases; and, ultimately, to inspire people to advocate for their favorite brands. A brand advocate is someone who is so supportive of a product or service that they publicly encourage others to buy it. Consumers who have been so successfully persuaded to purchase and enjoy a product that they try to persuade others to buy it too extend the reach of advertising potentially exponentially. It is important to differentiate between the two. Under the Pepsi brand, there are several products such as Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Wild Cherry and many other variations around the world.

Although different from the piont of wiev of purpose and results the practice of Public Relations aims at establishing and maintaining mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its publics, through transparency and honesty, while propaganda insists on a message that is intended primarily to serve the interests of the messenger. As a profession, Public Relations usually called simply PR is a 20 th century development, but the reason for it regardless of the name it was known under - has been well understood for many centuries. Leaders in virtually every great society throughout history understood the importance of influencing public opinion through persuasion. For example, the Babylonians hammered out their messages on stone tablets so that farmers could learn the latest techniques of harvesting, sowing and irrigating. Later on, the Greeks generally elected their best speakers to leadership positions. Aspiring politicians enlisted the aid of Sophists individuals renowned for their reasoning and rhetoric to help fight verbal battles.

Propaganda and Public Relations, Government

Sure, both public relations and propaganda seek to shape perceptions and influence public opinion. Both use mass media. Both are directed at specific audiences. The end result of both is to get people to take action though those actions differ immensely. Public relations uses truth if, for no other reason, their claims can be checked. PR relies on logic, facts and sometimes emotions to spread information between an organization or individual and its publics—information to promote products, services and build good will for the organizations offering them. Propaganda relies on one-way communications.

Both public relational and propaganda activities ultimately function to inform and persuade the public. They both use advertising and marketing techniques to attract interest. Propaganda is often uses manipulation to gain support and then control over public opinion regarding history, politics and government, i. However, propaganda has also been used to influence and promote social structures as well…. We have made it easy for students, researchers, bloggers and writers to cite this page with automatic citations, in both popular APA and MLA formats , ready for you to copy and paste. Sign In Register reports only. However, there is a marked difference between the two….

difference between public relations and propaganda pdf

Propaganda versus Public Relations: There Is a Difference

Propaganda and Public Relations, Government. Propaganda is a deliberate attempt to persuade people to think and then behave in a manner desired by the source; public relations , a branch of propaganda, is a related process intended to enhance the relationship between an organization and the public. Both, in turn, are related to advertising.

PR features in a lot of movies and TV shows, albeit in a dramatized and sometimes inaccurate way; Scandal , Sex and the City , and House of Cards all portraying various aspects of PR in a way that shapes what the general public think PR actually is. In fact, when I tell my friends that I work in Public Relations and what that involves, I am often met with responses similar to the following:. In , the Public Relations Society of America held a competition where the public voted on what the definition for PR should be. The winning definition was:.

Governments’ Use of Public Relations and Propaganda


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There is a widely held perception amongst the general public that there is no genuine difference between propaganda and public relations. This is a view also advocated by some communication scholars who equate these two terms. Although there are a number of parallels between public relations and propaganda, there are also fundamental differences.

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The concept, public relations is often confused with propaganda. The Controversy between Public Relations and Propaganda The difference prc.​com/documents/ Ikedikwa, C. S. ().

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