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Basic Physics Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

basic physics questions and answers pdf in hindi

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The best part is you do need not to do any special study on Science, neither you need to have a proper Science background. You just need to polish the science that you studied during your school days. Physics is a subject that is based on a number of central theories.

General Science in Hindi PDF Download

In this section, basic questions on various sections of General Science syllabus like Physics, Chemistry, Biology are asked. You are advised to read this PDF and practice it once before your examination. Below are some questions that have been taken from this PDF. You can practice these questions and give a correct direction to your study.

Q1 Blades of a windmill possess, hence they are turned by a fast wind. Ans -: Potential Energy Q2 A dark-skinned man experiences, as compared to a fair-skinned man. Ans -: Switch Q4 What is the temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?

Ans -: Net force Q6 The principle used in working of an atom bomb is. Ans -: Nuclear Fission Q7 What is the unit used to measure the depth of sea? Ans -: Fathom Q8 Astigmatism can be corrected by. Ans -: Chemical Energy. Q11 The longitudinal mechanical waves of less than 20 Hz are called.

Ans -: Infrasonic Q12 Distance of stars are measured in? Ans -: Electron microscope Q16 Force of attraction between the molecules of different substances is called. Ans -: 6 Q20 If the body is hollow, then its centre of gravity lies? Ans -: Outside the material. Q21 If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will.

Ans -: Decrease Q22 In summer, the mirages are seen due to the phenomenon of. Ans -: Total Internal Reflection Q23 In the visible spectrum which colour has the longest wavelength? Ans -: Red Q24 In which medium sound travels faster? Ans -: Solid Q25 Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to. Ans -: Water Q29 Nature of sound wave is? Q31 How many basic S. Ans -: Seven Q32 What is the principle on which a transformer works? Ans -: Lie down on ground Q35 What is the freezing point temperature of Pure water?

Ans -: 32 F Q36 What is the unit of measurement of an Angle? Ans -: Radian Q37 Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated with an. Ans -: Storm Q40 Water moving up a straw is an example of. Ans -: Capillary Action. Q41 The blue colour of the clear sky is due to. Ans -: From South to North Q43 The experiment demonstrating the existence of electromagnetic wave was first conducted by Ans -: Heinrich Hertz Q44 The filament string in an electric bulb is made of which metal?

Ans -: Tungsten Q45 Drag is the force exerted by fluids. Ans -: Friction Q46 The hydraulic brake used in automobiles is a direct application of. Ans -: Neutrons and protons Q50 The size of atomic nucleus is of the order of. This is because of. Ans -: Material Q53 The speed of light will be decreased with the rise in the temperature of the medium. True or False. Ans -: False. It remains unchanged Q54 Which is the strongest force in the nature?

Ans -: Nuclear Force Q55 Which device is used to measure the temperature of the sun? Ans -: Pyrometer Q56 Which phenomenon occurs when light passes from a denser to rarer medium?

Ans -: Total Internal reflection Q57 Which substances do not allow flow of charge through them? Ans -: Insulators Q58 The value of which quantity remains same in all system of units? Ans -: Specific Gravity Q59 What is the speed of sound in air?

Ans -: Piezoelectric Effect. Q61 Permanent magnets are made of. Ans -: Steel Q62 During a fog, the visibility is reduced. This is because of which phenomenon? Ans -: Scattering of light Q63 Weightlessness experienced in a spaceship is due to. Ans -: Absence of Gravity Q64 Which device is used to find submerged objects?

Ans -: Rectifier Q66 Which element is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors? Ans -: Graphite Q67 Which device converts light energy into electric energy? Ans -: Photoelectric cell Q68 The unit of power of lens is called. Ans -: Dioptre Q69 What is the unit of Radioactivity? Ans -: Q71 What is the measuring unit of length of light waves? Ans -: Q74 What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?

Ans -: Candela Q75 What is the unit of magnetic flux? Ans -: Maxwell Q76 What is the unit of specific resistance? Ans -: Ohm-metre Q77 The wavelength of visible spectrum ranges from. Ans -: nanometres Q78 A Washing machine works on the principle of — Ans -: Centrifugation Q79 When a ball is thrown upward, what happens to its Acceleration?

Ans -: It remains Constant Q80 Magnifying glass is made of which type of lens? Ans -: Convex lens. Q81 What colour will a red glass appear if it is heated in dark room? Ans -: Green Q82 What happens to the surface tension of the water when a detergent is added to it?

Ans -: at poles Q84 Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircrafts? Ans -: Altimeter Q85 Which instrument is used to measure change in volume of substances? Ans -: Dilatometer Q86 Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean? Ans -: Fathometer Q87 The power of electric circuit is measured with a. Ans -: Wattmeter Q88 Which instrument is used to measure the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid?

Ans -: Steel Q90 Which is the only natural magnet? Ans -: Magnetite. Q91 What Principle is used in the designing of ships and submarines? Ans -: Neutrons Q93 The wire in an electric heater is made up of. Ans -: Ultrasonic waves Q95 Diode Bulb was discovered by. Ans -: Sir J. Fleming Q96 Who gave the first experimental value of G? Ans -: Cavendish Q97 Who had showed that the electric and magnetic waves are equal in vacuum? Ans -: 2. Ans -: Cross Sectional Area. Chemistry Q1 What is used in nuclear reactor as a moderator.

It is also known as Heavy Water? Ans -: Gallium Q3 elements are non-metal. Ans -: Sulphuric acid Q9 For making of parachute, which polymeric substance used? Ans -: Viscose Q10 Acid rain is caused when the air is polluted by Gases. Ans -: Alum Q13 Aluminium is extracted from which ore? Ans -: Acetylsalicylic Acid Q16 gas used to fill Balloons. Ans -: Helium Q17 is also known as Baryta Water?

Ans -: Methane Q20 is the purest form of Carbon found in Nature. Ans -: Diamond. Ans -: Sodium thiosulphate Q25 What are used to control the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?

Ans -: Cadmium rods Q26 In sunlight, Chloroform is converted into , a poisonous gas. Ans -: Vitamin B12 Q28 is one of the most common preservatives used in food processing industry? Ans -: Benzoic Acid Q29 Which compounds are responsible for permanent hardness of water?

Ans -: Sulphates and Chlorides of Calcium and Magnesium Q30 The temporary hardness of water is caused of because of which compounds? Ans -: Bicarbonates of Calcium and Magnesium. Q31 Copper is extracted from which ore? Ans -: Copper Pyrite Q32 When there is , Dead organisms are transformed into petroleum and natural gas. Ans -: Absence of air Q33 Deuterium is of Hydrogen.

Grade 11 Physics Pdf

So that you can easily get the logic of question. This Physics Pdf we are Providing is free to download. In every exam you will get at least questions from this topic. So candidates must focus on this topic and download this Physics pdf to get important questions with best solution regarding Physics. This Cloze Test Pdf we are Providing is free to download.

basic physics questions and answers pdf in hindi

Today we are providing Physics question in Hindi PDF with answer and note asked English language and General Awareness & each section 25 Questions.

300 General Science Questions PDF – for Railway Exams

The National Council of Educational Research and Training refers as 'NCERT' is Government of India's autonomous organisation who designs and develop state and central government school textbooks, educational, research material etc. NCERT books provides enough material to clear fundamental of all covered topics to student. At the end of each chapter or topic provides exercise and questions to students to practice.

Free download physics question in hindi pdf.

IIT JAM Previous Question Paper with Solution Free PDF (2021 to 2016)

In some cases, you likewise pull off not discover the broadcast physics grade 11 exam papers that. Download University Physics 13 th Edition Pdf Free: To get this book and start reading, get the free University Physics 13 th Edition pdf right now from our website to study your favorite subject in a better way. June 11, at pm.

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In this section, basic questions on various sections of General Science syllabus like Physics, Chemistry, Biology are asked. You are advised to read this PDF and practice it once before your examination. Below are some questions that have been taken from this PDF. You can practice these questions and give a correct direction to your study. Q1 Blades of a windmill possess, hence they are turned by a fast wind. Ans -: Potential Energy Q2 A dark-skinned man experiences, as compared to a fair-skinned man.

If you are searching Physics GK in Hindi language or Physics GK Questions in Hindi PDF format, then this is easily available here. Here, we are.

One of our mentor will revert to you within 48 hours. Meanwhile you can Enjoy the Free Study Material. Solving the last years' question papers can help you understand the difficulty level of the paper, type of questions asked in the exam, analyze your performance, etc.

As you know that there are few months are left for the exam. Medical aspirants usually find NEET Physics MCQ Preparation be the moderate level section but in previous year paper candidates find physics be the toughest part so if there is no practice it will be zero results. Subscribe to get notification and free study materials. For this, it is necessary to be quick with problem-solving techniques and applying theoretical knowledge obtained through concepts to practical questions.

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NCERT Solutions

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