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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Programming Languages Pdf

advantages and disadvantages of programming languages pdf

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advantages and disadvantages of programming languages pdf

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Nikoleta Razkova. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Davis , p. A notational system where instructions can be displayed in mnemonic form is featured in this gen- eration of programming, which collectively is known as assembly language Gabrrielli and Martini, , p.

Wu , p. These high-level programming languages were developed with more abstraction, basing their grammar on human language with the use of command words Davis, , p. Programmes written in high level languages are not recognised by the CPU, and a compiler must be used to translate them into the assembly language equiva- lents Wu, Some of these, including the procedural paradigm, will be discussed in this paper and further on, will be compared against the object-oriented paradigm.

Brookshear , p. When this sequence is followed, the programme manipulates data to create the desired execution, for example the change of a value of a location in its memory Brookshear, , p. Unauthenticated An example of this could be a programme which has a main input load where the programme goes around in circles waiting for the input of a key on a keyboard.

These procedures are able to be called upon from other parts of the programme in the same way that functions can be called on within functions Brookshear, , p.

The main characteristic of the procedural paradigm is that it runs on sequential logic, where the logical flow of a programme can be followed from start to end even through various calls to procedures Kedar, , p. It was a compiled language that was initially used for scientific calculations and engineering purposes Brookshear, , p. Ben-Ari , p. That being said, most programming languages allow for different paradigms to be used in conjunction when developing a programme Weisfeld, , p.

The programme structure is usually broken down into small comprehensible sized portions of code that are easy to manipulate and change later on Gabbrielli and Martini, , p. It utilises a high level of abstraction with sets of objects which contain information de- scribing how those objects should respond and communicate with different stimuli Brookshear, , p.

Programmes in this language are described as having high modularity, and therefore they can be simply developed and easily comprehended Stroustrup, , p. Weisfeld , p. These attributes and behaviors are usually separated in other paradigms Lipmann et al. Object-oriented programming combines various objects which interact with one another to form a complete programme Wu, Objects have many abilities including receiving and passing messages, processing entries and detecting information Stroustrup, , p.

It utilises class hierarchy, including superclasses and subclasses which allow for reusability and the extension of existing classes Wu, , p. The poly- morphism feature allows for same messages to be sent to objects from different classes Purdum, , p.

Another important feature of object-oriented programming is called encapsulation, which is a process of binding data in an object so that it cannot be accessed by external code which has been defined outside the class Brookshear, , p. Java is com- monly used to write Web applications and is therefore is often described as a Web programming language Wu, , p.

This architecture features updatable storage with a sequence of memory cells whose contents are modified when an instruction is executed Ben-Ari, , p.

Functional programming is not natively based on the von Neumann architecture, but on a model of com- putation based on the mathematical concept of functions Ben-Ari, , p.

A programme of this type consists of an expression and is characterised by values, functions and functional forms Turner, , p. Common features found in functional languages include first class functions, pure functions, recursion, and pattern matching Ben- Ari, , p. Smith , p. It was designed in by John McCarthy and used computation based on the lambda calculus model Ben-Ari, , p. Although Lisp can be described as a functional language, it uses many features from other paradigms Ben-Ari, , p.

F is an open source programming language that was originally developed by Microsoft Re- search, Cambridge Smith, , p. It supports several different programming paradigms includ- ing functional, object-oriented, and procedural, which makes it a multi-paradigm programming language Smith, , p. It has the ability to easily define abstract data types whose implementation details are hidden Ben-Ari, , p.

Another important advantage is the ability to use inheritance which allows programmers to maintain and reuse codes and extensions without having to make any big changes any existing source codes Wu, , p. Sets of pre-defined objects and code can be reused which allows for faster development Wu, , p. Encapsulation is another benefit for programmers when using the object-oriented paradigm Brookshear, , p.

This type of programming typically results in larger programme sizes as it includes more lines of code and planning, which, along with the demand for more system resources, can slow the programme down Chen, , p. Another disadvantage could be unanticipated com- plex interaction between objects which may sometimes create a problem in the code Weisfeld, , p.

For some programmers, the idea behind creating programmes based on the interaction of objects is unnatural and it may be difficult to get used to characteristics such as inheritance and polymorphism Weisfeld, , p.

It allows for each procedure to be programmed separately, which means if there is an error in the code, the problem area can be quickly isolated and repaired Chen, , p.

It can be advantageous to use procedural programming when developing smaller programmes because it is written in sequential steps Brookshear, , p. Since it is used for specific uses, the programmes tend to be very efficient Chen, , p. This can become particu- larly troublesome when dealing with the maintenance of programmes which have large amounts of code Gabbrielli and Martini, , p.

Another problem with procedural languages is that it is difficult to relate to real world objects and forces programmers to view problems as a set of steps Chen, , p. The procedural paradigm is a representation of computational processes in a sequential order which is difficult to compare with the real world, whilst the object-oriented paradigm views the world as a system of interacting objects Brookshear, , p.

Whereas object-oriented programming allows for reuse of code and uses inheritance, many portions of procedural code are so inter- dependent that they are not able to be used in other applications Brookshear, , p. Programmes written in an object-oriented language typically are bigger and slower than in a procedural language Chen, , p.

However, bigger and more complicated programmes can be maintained and altered much easier when using object-oriented programming Brookshear, , p. Hughs , p. Another advantage to functional programming is that it is relatively easy to test and debug code Hughs, , p.

These functions are very efficient as they are usually devised to have only one specific task and can be easily read and maintained Ben-Ari, , p. The syntax and style of the functional paradigm is completely different from others and computations may be slower Hughs, , p.

Another drawback is that modern computers are based on von Neumann architecture and this kind of programming does not match the hardware as well as the procedural or object-oriented paradigms Ben-Ari, , p.

In object-oriented programming, when a programme involves many variables, they can be easily as- sociated with a particular class which could make it easier to use in comparison to functional programming Purdum, , p. Many programmers favour certain languages because of the benefits they provide for the particular work they need it for, and dislike others due to certain difficulties in using them. While it is true that the object oriented paradigm is becoming very popular in the world of programming because of the enormous benefits it provides, there are still programmers who prefer to use other languages.

Center for Scientific Computing. University of Utah. Ben-Ari, M. Brookshear, J. Boston: Addison-Wesley. Chen, K. Davis, S. IT eBbooks [Online]. Dierbach, C. Gabbrielli, M. Bologna: Springer. Hughs, J. Kedar, S. Pune: Technical Publications. Lipmann, S. Purdum, J. Smith, C. Stroustrup, B. New Jersey: Addison-Wesley. Turner, D. UCS [Online]. Weisfeld, M. Wu, C. IT eBooks [Online]. Yevick, D. Cambridge University Press eBooks [Online]. Related Papers. By Ajayi Olusola Olajide. By Henry Muwulya.

By chintan patel. By adeyemi kolawole.

Programming languages types, features, advantages and disadvantages

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The programming language is coded language that used by the programmers to write the instructions that the computer can understand, It is the special language that the programmers use to develop the software programs, the scripts, or other sets of instructions for the computers to execute. The programming languages are the formal constructed languages that designed to communicate the instructions to the machine, particularly the computer , and they can be used to create the programs to control the behavior of the machine or to express algorithms. The programming Language is very productive to the program, It is very amazing to program if you understand it, You can get the money especially if you can build the website or in making a good application, It is very easy to program once you know the syntax of the programming language, and y ou will get new showcases in your work. The programming codes are the instructions that are used to tell the computer what to do, Most programming languages are fairly easy to learn and use, You can make superb websites, All the websites and the applications started with a little code and then progressed over the time, and they can make you rich. Programming languages.

utilization, applications and the main advantages and disadvantages of the Notable standized. programming language include java, PHP.

Types and Generations of the Programming Language in Computer

Uwe Hermann. Just as humans use language to communicate, and different regions have different languages, computers also have their own languages that are specific to them. Different kinds of languages have been developed to perform different types of work on the computer. Basically, languages can be divided into two categories according to how the computer understands them.

The language which is used to create programs is called a programming language. It is a computer language with its own syntax and semantics which applies to write programs. This language comprises a set of instructions which are used to produce various kind of output. The first-generation of language is machine level language.

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