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Aquarium Corals Selection Husbandry And Natural History Pdf

aquarium corals selection husbandry and natural history pdf

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A marine aquarium is an aquarium that keeps marine plants and animals in a contained environment. Fish only tanks often showcase large or aggressive marine fish species and generally rely on mechanical and chemical filtration. FOWLR and reef tanks use live rock , a material composed of coral skeletons harboring beneficial nitrogen waste metabolizing bacteria, as a means of more natural biological filtration. Marine fishkeeping is different from its freshwater counterpart because of the fundamental differences in the constitution of saltwater and the resulting differences in the adaptation of its inhabitants. A stable marine aquarium requires more equipment than freshwater systems, and generally requires more stringent water quality monitoring.

The Art of Aquarium Keeping Communicates Science and Conservation

Sharks are magnificent animals and an exciting group of fishes. As a group, sharks, rays, and skates belong to the biological taxonomic class called Chondrichthyes, or cartilaginous fishes elasmobranchs. The entire supporting structure of these fish is composed primarily of cartilage rather than bone. There are some described species of sharks, which come in all different sizes from the foot-long whale shark Rhincodon typus to the 2-foot-long marble catshark Atelomycterus macleayi. Although sharks have been kept in public aquariums since the s, advances in marine aquarium systems technology and increased understanding of shark biology and husbandry now allow hobbyists to maintain and enjoy sharks in their home aquariums, and they are becoming increasingly popular as pet animals. The proper care and display of sharks requires great attention to details. The following information is intended for use by home aquarists and those working in small public aquaria.

Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History

In technology-driven societies, scientists, and educators alike flounder in making science interesting and applicable. Communicating science, defined as communicating scientific facts as well as teaching and using the scientific process, can also be done informally though leisure activities. In this qualitative study, I examined the leisure activity of aquarium keeping and its ability to communicate relative aquatic facts and processes. This study examined aquarium keepers across the United States via interviews, participant observation, and an ongoing analysis of aquarium hobby literature. Thus, this study indicates 1 caring for a home aquarium communicates science latently, 2 over time, latent science communication becomes activated, and 3 long-term aquarium keeping leads to a personal response in science, as well as conservation. In addition, artistic expression and innovation intersect with scientific knowledge and application to create beautiful, biodiverse, ecosystems. Through the process of successfully maintaining an aquarium, continued participation leads to a proficiency in applicable scientific facts, a better understanding of scientific processes, and an improved conservation ethic for aquatic resources.

Metrics details. The Caribbean pillar coral Dendrogyra cylindrus was recently listed as a threatened species under the United States Endangered Species Act. One of the major threats to this species is its low, virtually undetectable recruitment rate. Until recently, the reproductive behavior of D. We collected gametes from spawning individuals on three occasions and attempted to rear larvae and primary polyp settlers. Here we describe successful fertilization methods for D.

aquarium corals selection husbandry and natural history pdf

Marine aquarium

The effects of aquarium culture on coral oocyte ultrastructure

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The effects of aquarium culture on coral oocyte ultrastructure

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    We previously showed that an unintentionally introduced zoanthid in a home aquarium contained high concentrations of palytoxin and was likely responsible for a severe respiratory reaction when an individual attempted to eliminate the contaminant colonies using boiling water.

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    Many of the following Husbandry Manuals are available from one or more of the regional Zoo Management Associations; unfortunately in most cases you need to be a financial member of the relevant Association in order to be eligible to obtain a copy of a Manual.

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