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Entrepreneurship Development And Small Business Enterprise By Poornima M Charantimath Pdf

entrepreneurship development and small business enterprise by poornima m charantimath pdf

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Entrepreneurship and Small business Management

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Development of entrepreneurship culture and qualitative business development services are the major requirements for industrial growth. Entrepreneurial skills are essential for industrialization and for alleviation of mass unemployment and poverty. Entrepreneurship is an economic activity which is undertaken by an individual or group of individuals. Keywords: Women, entrepreneurs, development. It is imperative to note the participation of women in economic activities as self employed individuals.

Many of the traditional occupation s open to women were mainly based on caste and creed and the nature of self-employment was based on the standard of living. Presently not only are women generating employment for themselves in the unorganized sector they are also providing employment to others. The country needs to mobilize and utilize fully all its resources including human resources. The participation of women in economic activities is necessary not only from a human resource point of view but is essential even for the objective of raising the status of women in society.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for the government to frame policies for the development of entrepreneurship among women. For this due recognition has to be accorded to the role and contribution of women in the various social economic political and cultural activities. The role of women has gone through several transitions. There are some regions where women live in a barbarian era, chained and shackled to the social taboos and restrictions of others who frame a code of conduct.

At the same time there are other regions where women fight for and win freedom and opportunity to play their roles in a new context with new occupations and a new way of life. As regards the ancient industries of India, family was the unit of production where women played an important role in the production process. Even in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa culture, women shared a responsible position with men and helped in spinning and clay modeling and other simple arts and crafts.

Women played a very pivotal role in creating household utility requirements and agricultural activities and weaving during the Vedic Period. In the traditional economy, they played vital roles in agriculture industry and services. They were the makers of intoxicant soma-juice, a skillful task. In the 18th century, women had a significant role in economy and a definite status in the social structure. Since systematic efforts have been made by the Government to promote self employment among women.

Women entrepreneurship in India became popular in the late s and now more and more women are emerging as entrepreneurs in all kinds of economic activities. According to the Census, the total female working population is about During the s, women were capable, competent, confident and assertive and had a clear idea about the ventures to be undertaken and they succeeded in them.

Many women entered large-scale enterprises of their parents or husbands and proved their competence and capabilities. Women acquired high self-esteem and the capability of solving the problems independently through economic independence. In the 21st century women are becoming experts in all the fields. With the growing awareness about business and the spread of education, they have entered new areas such as engineering, electronics and energy and acquired expertise in these fields.

Many of the new industries are headed and guided by women. However, in India a large number of highly educated women do not seek employment. Methodology: Type of the study: Description study also known as statistical research, describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied.

Area of the study: The area of the study refers to a particular City. Source of data: Primary Data The first hand information was collected by the researcher after finalizing the study area.

Through well structured questionnaire primary data was collected. It was collected from respondents. Secondary Data The Secondary data was collected from the study related websites, journals and magazines. It was collected through the library to facilitate proper understanding of the conceptual frame work about the study.

Sample Design: For the purpose of the study Questionnaire were collected from the women entrepreneurs. Convenience sampling method is administered in this study. Data Analysis: The collected data is then edited consolidated and subjected to suitable to suitable statistical test and the data is presented in the form of percentage and exhibits.

The perception about women in the past has cooled them to think in the direction of other people. Women have realized their own potentials as entrepreneurs but they need the encouragement from the state. The environment of women entrepreneurs to bloom can be created by the government through policies designed for women entrepreneurs. Father is the most significant role model in the family who influence the women students desire to own a business.

It is found that they are driven by the objective of providing services to mankind. Focus group interviews with entrepreneurs of proprietorship concerns and 11, entrepreneurs from partnership firms were conducted to find out the relationship of successful entrepreneurs with their education and business background.

Singh 5 in her study on women entrepreneurs found that the entrepreneur power, self- actualization and achievement motivation and significantly are higher in entrepreneurs compared to economic and motivation. The study also gave a good idea about the women entrepreneurs in developing their skills by various methods of adaption An empirical study by Srivastava 6 revealed that women entrepreneurs in India engaged in wide variety non-traditional business activities are well equipped with education and experience and are highly motivated to do their business independently and are prepared to face any challenge.

There are fully involved in the business so as to gain enhanced economic and social status. This is indicative of healthy foundation of small business enterprises with high growth prospects. The findings revealed that the small business firms look at the marketing practices differently from their larger counter parts.

Breen 8 examined financial and family issues by taking a sample of female entrepreneurs from Australia. The study highlighted that female business owners faced the problem of getting finance, and started business with low initial capital.

On the family front, self- employed women faced the problem of supervision and care for their sick children. The respondents were either from families which were already in business or having highly educated husbands or fathers.

Women preferred to start enterprises on their educational background. Service sector enterprises had entrepreneurs with higher level of education, and trading with comparatively lower education level. In manufacturing, nearly half of them had technical education. Majority of entrepreneurs in the service sectors were employed prior to start the enterprise. The socio- economic profile of women entrepreneurs in Visakhapatnam is largely Telugu — speaking forward community, Hindu, in the year age group at the time of starting the enterprise, coming from a nuclear, middle class family, and with well — educated husbands settled in business.

Initially in the early sixteenth century applied to those who were engaged in military expeditions. In seventeenth century it was extended to cover civil engineering activities such as construction and fortification.

Since then the term entrepreneur is used in various ways Small scale industries are small in term but they play a gigantic role in the Indian economy. These SSI units are the integral part of the overall economic, social and industrial development of a country. Women Entrepreneurs have an important role to play in developing nations. A Women entrepreneur is the one who creates something new and undertakes risks and hurdles of economic uncertainty and organises production.

Today women have been a crucial factor in the socio-economic changes as they are the one who envisage new opportunities; new techniques and new line of production and also co-ordinates various other activities. Women in SSI provide an ideal entrepreneurial opportunity to utilize their skills profitably.

These industries provide economic opportunities which innate skills of many women towards effective uses. Besides, it also provides opportunities for self employment and be counted among the income generation. This is the main reason why women are moving more towards SSI in urban areas as it provides an ideal link between work and living.

It also provides advantages of having freedom to allocate time between work and leisure. Having considered these circumstances, and the empirical facts that most women generally utilize their skills which already they have within themselves and they implement it into this sector of manufacturing. This defiantly is improving their entrepreneurial skill significantly. Family has become a very important source in providing encouragement because this makes women suitably involved in the field of production and also has market orientations in this sector.

This also suits a large number of women who are not in a position to compete openly in labour market. Herein, consumerism and purchasing power go on increasing because of branded goods and goods without brand names available in the market.

Researchers contend that women business owners possess certain specific characteristics that promote their creativity and generate new ideas and ways of doing things. Did you know that women-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing segments of our economy, according to the Small Business Administration. If you have been considering starting your own business, now is a good time to get started.

Starting your own business takes a lot of know how starting with planning. You also have to know about preparation, financing and marketing. Add to that, is the importance of keeping an open and positive frame of mind. You have to believe you can succeed in order to make it a reality. One key characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs is that they have vision. They find a niche in a particular market and find a way to fill it.

This will give a clear picture to the budding women entrepreneurs. Financial Assistance: Though bank and financial institutions provide financial support to women entrepreneurs, it involves many formalities and procedures where the women entrepreneurs hesitate and neglect them.

Centralized production hubs: Many manufacturing units of women entrepreneurs do not have proper facilities for production. This is due to high cost of establishment of modern machineries.


Contents 1. Modern Small Business Enterprises 2. Entrepreneurship 3. Women Entrepreneurs 4. Institutions Supporting Small Business Enterprises 5. Setting up a Small Business Enterprise 6.

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entrepreneurship development and small business enterprise by poornima m charantimath pdf

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Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Enterprises, 2nd Edition

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And, the students can download the important topics PDF links as well. Business Communication and Entrepreneurship is the process of receiving, giving, exchanging information, opinions, ideas, or information by speech, writing, or visual means. So, that everyone can easily understand the concern of the material by the tool of an entrepreneur to advance the goals of the business. And, the table was also mentioned for the candidates to refer the topics like similar books, edition, year of the course, etc. Buy Studying these 2 important topics the candidates can understand the giving, receiving, opinions ideas of an organization. The candidates can also download the important topics pdf links. The Unit Wise Titles were mentioned below.

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