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Drilling And Boring Machines Pdf

drilling and boring machines pdf

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In the last class, we had discussed the Milling Machine and its operations in a detailed way whereas, in today's article, we will discuss the concepts of Drilling Machin ing along with its parts, working principle advantages, disadvantages, and applications. It is a machine which is used to drill the holes on the components or workpiece with the help of drill bits. The base is made up of Cast Iron which has the capability of high compressive strength , good wear resistance , and good absorbing capability i. It is exactly placed at the center of the base which can act as a support for rotating the Swivel table and holding the power transmission system. It is attached to the column which can hold the machine vice in the grips and thereby, the workpiece is fixed in the machine vice to carry out the drilling operation.

Drilling machine – Parts, Types, Operations and More with PDF

The drilling machine is one of the most important machines in a workshop. In drilling machine holes are drilled quickly and at a low cost. Its parts , operations , tools and types of drilling machine with PDF. The drilling machine is defined as a machine which is used to make a circular hole, a tool used to drill the holes of different size and other related operations using a drill bit. As regards its importance it is second only to the lathe machines.

In machining , boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled or cast by means of a single-point cutting tool or of a boring head containing several such tools , such as in boring a gun barrel or an engine cylinder. Boring is used to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole, and can be used to cut a tapered hole. Boring can be viewed as the internal-diameter counterpart to turning , which cuts external diameters. There are various types of boring. The boring bar may be supported on both ends which only works if the existing hole is a through hole , or it may be supported at one end which works for both, through holes and blind holes. Because of the limitations on tooling design imposed by the fact that the workpiece mostly surrounds the tool, boring is inherently somewhat more challenging than turning, in terms of decreased toolholding rigidity, increased clearance angle requirements limiting the amount of support that can be given to the cutting edge , and difficulty of inspection of the resulting surface size, form, surface roughness.

Drilling, boring and reaming and three common processes performed by manufacturing companies. All three processes involve, to some degree, creating a new hole or modifying an existing hole in a workpiece. While most people are familiar with drilling, though, many are unfamiliar with boring and reaming. Drilling is a cutting process that involves the use of a drill bit to cut a circular-shape hole in a workpiece. The drill bit used in drilling is a type of rotary cutting tool that, like other rotary cutting tools, rotates while subsequently scraping material out of the workpiece. To drill a workpiece, a manufacturing company must press the drill bit against the workpiece. When the drill is activated, the drill bit will dig its way into the workpiece while creating a circular-shaped hole in the process.

Difference Between Drilling and Boring

In order to create a hole on a solid surface, a series of different machining processes are carried out depending on the hole diameter, finish and tolerance level requirement. One typical steps for hole making can be— i Centering, ii Drilling, iii Boring, iv Reaming, and v Honing. Each of these processes has different objectives and can be applied under certain conditions. One operation cannot be carried out prior to another. Now, centering is carried out to align and locate a hole on a flat solid surface. Although it is optional step, centering improves alignment and accuracy of the hole center.

A Drilling Machine is another type of production machine in which works are to drill the workpiece. The other production machines are Milling Machine and Lathe Machine I have explained in detail you can check it. Drilling Machine is the simplest, moderate, and most accurate machine tool used in almost all the production shops and tool rooms. Drilling is basically a single purpose machine tool as its main purpose is to make holes in the workpiece. A machine consists of a spindle that provides rotary motion to the drilling tool, which finally makes the hole in the job workpiece. Drilling is a technology used a long time back in our past. It basically means to create a hole by making use of a tool.

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Boring (manufacturing)

Drilling Machine: Definition, Parts, Types, and Operations (With PDF)

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