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Design And Construction Of Digital Thermometer Pdf

design and construction of digital thermometer pdf

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Digital thermometers

A thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of any particular device or living body and displays the reading. A thermometer scale can be in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Bulb or Mercury Thermometers: These thermometers consisting of a sealed glass tube with a bulb-like glass container at the end. It works on the principle that liquids expand on getting heated.

However, a disadvantage of these thermometers is that they can measure temperature only up to a certain extent. Also, the thermometers are based on the expansion of matter with the rise in temperature and the readings were made from the scale readings.

This often leads to erroneous results. Also, in case of the tube breaking accidentally or deliberately, the leaked out mercury can be very dangerous. Hence these thermometers have to be very carefully handled. Also, mercury has a low freezing point and cannot be used at places with low ambient temperature. Bimetallic Thermometers: These thermometers consist of two metals joined together and as these metals get heated, they get expanded at different rates causing the bending of either of the metal.

This bimetallic strip is attached to dial with a calibrated temperature scale to indicate the readings. These thermometers can be connected to a switch on the other end and the change in temperature can cause the switch to open and close. These thermometers can be used to control the temperature. They can be installed inside a refrigerator or an oven.

However, these systems are also easily prone to breakage. The calibration is not accurate and can change easily. Also, these thermometers cannot be used at low temperatures. Having read the above-written stuff, you must have by now had an idea about thermometers and the need to shift to a different approach to thermometers. In both the above two kinds of thermometers, the major problem lies in the principle and in the display technique used. Thus a basic solution is in replacing the whole principle and the display method.

It consists of a thermistor to sense the temperature and an electronic display of the temperature. Digital thermometers are used orally, rectally, or under the arm. The digital thermometer basically consists of a sensor that measures the change in resistance due to heat and converts this change in resistance to temperature. The thermistor is a resistor whose resistance value varies with temperature.

As the thermistor gets heated, its resistance increases or decreases depending on whether it is a negative temperature coefficient or positive temperature coefficient. The analog output from the thermistor is supplied to the ADC through the wires, where it is converted to a digital signal and is then given to the microcontroller for further processing and the output in form of temperature reading is displayed on the LCD interfaced to the microcontroller.

A Digital Temperature sensor is used which provides 9-bit temperature reading and is interfaced to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller receives this digital input and displays it on the LCD interfaced to it. It contains two pins which indicate if the measured temperature exceeds the user-defined temperature. Thus this device can also be used to control the switching of loads in case of any temperature fluctuations.

In the above system, the temperature IC first measures the ambient temperature and converts this temperature to digital data and feeds it to the microcontroller which displays the temperature reading on the display.

Using the push button switches the user-defined temperature can be set. When the ambient temperature increases or decreases then the user-defined temperature, the microcontroller accordingly controls the switching of the relay and so the load.

It is used mainly in medical applications. It is used to measure the temperature of solid and liquid food. These thermometers are mostly probe type or ear type. It measures oral, rectal, and armpit body temperature.

Marine Applications : Digital thermometers with a high-temperature exhaust gas sensor as the temperature sensor can be used in marine applications for measuring the local temperature. Industrial Applications : Digital thermometers are also used in power plants, nuclear power plants, blast furnaces, shipbuilding industries, etc.

So now let me know more about the practical applications of Digital Thermometer? Respected Sir, Can i get a power point presentation on the above topic that can be presented in a seminar? Reply me at the earliest. Hi Upasana, For more ideas on seminars please checkout the link. Digital Thermometers and Its Applications. Thermometers A thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of any particular device or living body and displays the reading. Share This Post: Facebook.

Please tell me working of this?

Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller Based Digital Thermometer

Faithfull high-precision digital electronic thermometer, for use in both industrial and domestic applications where accurate temperature readings are required. Ideal for use in laboratories for temperature testing and monitoring and essential for use when preparing cooked foods such as meat, poultry, infant milk and many other foods when accurate temperature readings are necessary. This thermometer can be set for either Celsius or Fahrenheit measurement, maximum or minimum readings and has a useful data hold facility. The easy clean stainless steel probe features a sharp point with a slimline design allowing effortless penetration of meats and provides a fast response time when taking readings. The large LCD digital display is easy to read and has and automatic power off function when not in use.

The IR is ideal for quickly screening individuals for elevated skin temperature. This infrared thermometer has a non-contact design that eliminates the need for replacement probe covers and other supplies. The IR An infrared thermometer The Kiray is suitable for use in measuring surface temperatures of various objects, that are difficult to access. The device utilizes an optical system, which provides the precise measurement of near targets.

Arduino Based Digital Thermometer

First, there was a glass tube filled with a liquid that expanded up the tube as the temperature increased. We all understood how that worked. Then came the bi-metal thermometers. They were made from a layered strip of 2 metals with different coefficients of expansion formed into a coil. When the coil was heated the metal expanded and the coil unwound a small amount.

Show all documents Design of Nonrecursive Digital Filters Using the Ultraspherical Window Function order required to satisfy a given set of specifications is not the lowest that can be achieved. On the other hand, multivariable optimization algorithms for nonrecursive digital -filter de- sign, for example, the weighted-Chebyshev method of Parks and McClellan [11, 12] and the more recent generalized Re- mez method of Shpak and Antoniou [13] can yield opti- mal designs with respect to some error criterion; however, these algorithms generally require a large amount of compu- tation and are, therefore, unsuitable for real- or quasi-real- time applications like portable multimedia devices where on- the-fly designs that adapt to changing environmental con- ditions such as battery power and quality-of-service issues are required. Simple signal processing algorithms and struc- tures [14] can address these problems by trading between the accuracy of results and the utilization of implementa- tion resources. In [15, 16] a window-based algorithmic ap- proach to the design of low-power frequency-selective digital filters is presented whereby reduction of the average power consumption of the filter is achieved in speech processing and high-fidelity hardware by dynamically varying the filter length based on signal statistics.

Digital Thermometers and Its Applications

A thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of any particular device or living body and displays the reading.


A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature. The thermoscope, developed by Galileo around , was the first instrument used to measure temperature qualitatively. It was not until that Sanctorius Sanctorius, a colleague of Galileo, devised and added a scale to the thermoscope, thus facilitating quantitative measurement of temperature change.

A medical thermometer also called clinical thermometer is used for measuring human or animal body temperature. The tip of the thermometer is inserted into the mouth under the tongue oral or sub-lingual temperature , under the armpit axillary temperature , into the rectum via the anus rectal temperature , into the ear tympanic temperature , or on the forehead temporal temperature. The medical thermometer began as an instrument more appropriately called a water thermoscope , constructed by Galileo Galilei circa — It lacked an accurate scale with which to measure temperature and could be affected by changes in atmospheric pressure. Italian physician Santorio Santorio is the first known individual to have put a measurable scale on the thermoscope and wrote of it in , though he possibly invented one as early as His models were bulky, impractical and took a fair amount of time to take an accurate oral reading of the patient's temperature.


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Cvs Thermometer Flashing D


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