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Embed Size px x x x x All Rights Reserved. He has recently been reappointed as offcial coach of Americas bestplayersunder18torepresenttheUnitedStatesattheChess World Championships.

eric schiller - the caro-kann defense

The Caro Kann Defence is a defense to counter White when he plays 1. The whole premise of Caro Kann is based on the idea behind the French Defence: Black gets ready to support the The advantages of using the c-pawn instead of the e-pawn to support the pawn on d5 is. Black does not block the light-squared bishop on c8. Black cannot get his c6 pawn onto c5.

Caro-Kann Defense

Embed Size px x x x x All Rights Reserved. He has recently been reappointed as offcial coach of Americas bestplayersunder18torepresenttheUnitedStatesattheChess World Championships. He has also presided over world championship matches dating back to Schillers web site is www. The webs most interesting and informative chess magazine is free to you from Cardoza Publishing!

The Caro—Kann Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves:. The Caro—Kann is a common defence against the King's Pawn Opening and is classified as a " Semi-Open Game " like the Sicilian Defence and French Defence , although it is thought to be more solid and less dynamic than either of those openings. It often leads to good endgames for Black, who has the better pawn structure. The opening is named after the English player Horatio Caro and the Austrian player Marcus Kann who analysed it in After 2.

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First Steps: Caro-Kann Defence by Andrew Martin

eric schiller - the caro-kann defense

Hard Hitting Defences 1 e Download PGN of August '11 1 e Almost all the games are in the Advanced line starting with 1. The most popular choice here is 4. Nf3, and there are some very interesting recent games that I have analyzed and I will share my thoughts on them with you here.

He is the current head of the newly-formed ECF Academy, which provides elite training for strong, young players. He teaches in twelve schools, is an experienced chess writer and has produced numerous chess DVDs including some on the Caro-Kann; He also used to manage the Caro-Kann theory section of Chesspublishing. With this first move Black as is also the case with the French Defence — 1. The Caro-Kann has a reputation as a rock solid defence that minimises the risk of Black being subjected to undue early pressure. Rather than inviting the opponent to engage in in immediate warfare, Black focuses on completing development comfortably and postponing [ sic ] the serious battle until the middlegame. It is notable that the White systems which try to batter the Caro-Kann into early submission are highly double-edged and often rebound badly. The Caro-Kann Defence can be both solid and strategically rich.

This move is a little hard to understand right away. But black has some clever ideas here…. I would recommend learning the fundamentals of these openings before studying the Caro-Kann Defense. In all three openings, black wants to strike at the center with …d5. White claims a space advantage right away. But unlike the analogous line in the French Defense, black can activate his light bishop with 3…Bf5.

chess book, Play the Caro-Kann – a long time in the chess world. French Defence: with the first move Black gets ready to support the d7-d5 advance. The​.

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Memorizing lines is not the way to study an opening. Instead, learn the strategic principles involved in playing with the pawn structures. Once you understand the principles, the specific moves make a lot of sense, and you will be able to make good moves and take advantage of deviations by your opponent. The first two lines you show result in what both authors call the Caro formation. The third one is an e5 chain, similar to structures in the French but with your QB outside the pawn chain. The fourth one is a Carlsbad formation Soltis calls it the orthodox exchange formation , but with colors reversed from the usual way it arises from the QGD.

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